What does website copy have to do with $22 margaritas?

Feb 3, 2021 | Stories

So, exactly what is website copy and what does it have to do with $22 margaritas?

That’s me, enjoying every drop of an exorbitant Marg on my 40th birthday (it’s been so long since I’ve been out that the price of my fave beachside beverage quadrupled). But back to my point…

Website Copy.

  • It’s one part sales to one part marketing.
  • A splash of courtship with a drizzle of connection.
  • Finish with a twist of psychology.
  • Serve in a word vessel.

Place into your customers’ hands the moment they feel thirst.

But what about branding?

Images, branding, typography, they’re all important. But without words, you cannot inspire and call your customer to action.

Without words, you’ll melt into the crowd and water down that perfect cocktail.

Create brand evangelists with original copy.

Because you shouldn’t ask for the sale before having at least one margarita together.

So how can MY words help YOU?

I write copy exclusively for websites. Delegate this task to me and free up that time and space to do your best work.

I’m switching up my business model in 2021- expert web content for; Entrepreneurs, Bosses, Manifestors, Chiefs, CEO’s, Shamans, Matriarchs, Coaches, and Gang leaders.

If you are curious about how my words can help YOU or your biz, email me here.

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere,



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