Commission Artwork Melbourne: Bring Your Vision to Life

Are you looking for a piece of art as unique as your style?

Do you want to give an unforgettable gift?

Looking to create a legacy family heirloom?

Create a goddess portrait of yourself or your loved one.

Imagine your favourite place in the world as a colourful landscape.

Honour your fur bestie with a pet portrait.
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Commissioning an artwork is the perfect solution if you want to own a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personality and taste.

No need to be based in Melbourne because I can ship anywhere in the world and have lots of clients in North America.

As an artist and writer myself, I understand the importance of commissioning artwork that truly resonates with your aesthetic and reflects who you truly are.
A commissioned artwork is your opportunity to go wild, be a rebel, and dream big. This time, it’s all about YOU.
Here, I’ll walk you through the process of commissioning an artwork in Melbourne, with yours truly, from communicating your vision to receiving the final piece.

The Art Commission Process is True Collaboration

I love working with clients on commissions. It pushes me outside my comfort zone and we always find a way to make magic happen.

Find the Right Artist

Well, hi there! You’ve done the hard part.

I’m assuming you’ve done your homework and had a look at my portfolio or Instagram to make sure you vibe with my style. If not, spend some time in my portfolio.

You’ll find the pieces I enjoy creating, quirky, colourful landscapes, portraits of real people as the goddesses they are, and lots of flora and fauna. I do the occasional pet portrait and more, but it will always feel like me. If you want photorealism or a black-and-white landscape, I’m not your artist. If you’re cool with that, read on!

Communicate Your Vision

This is the most important step in the commissioning process; the more specific and detailed you are in your brief, the better I will be able to capture your wildest ideas.

Don't know where to start? Have a look through my portfolio or Instagram for visual references. Scroll through Pinterest or Etsy and show me a few styles and colours that catch your breath (for example, muted or bold, figurative or abstract). If you have photographs, sketches or anything else that can help give me an idea of the style you prefer.

Then I'd like to know how you want the piece to make you FEEL. I love this part! What's the mood, what can we capture, emotionally? This will influence the energy I put into creating your piece from the mood I get myself into and even the music I listen to as I infuse your vision into your one-of-a-kind commission.

Finally, I'll need to know specific size requirements (if you can send me a photo of where the work will hang that always helps!), and whether or not you want your piece framed in Tasmanian Oak (if you want something different you can always take it to a local framer.

I'll give you an approximate timeframe of when I think your piece will be complete.

Email me or book a chat over the phone if you still have questions.

Deposit Requirement

All commissions require a 50% deposit upfront and the balance is due just before I send the final piece.


I will post updates on social media (with your permission) or email you some progress photos so you can be part of the process. Once I feel your piece is finished, I will send you a final image for approval. When you approve, I will send you an invoice for your final balance.

Receiving the Final Piece

I will use a reliable, and the most cost-effective shipping method for you and pack your piece safely. If you are local to Melbourne, we can arrange a drop off or pick up.

Commissioning an artwork is a collaborative process that requires communication, trust, and creativity. If your heart tells you that you’re ready! Fill out this form, and let’s get started!

Not sure yet?

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Dawn Rieniets is both a visual artist and brand copywriter. She uses her MA in English, journalism and sales background to craft engaging brand identity copy for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) globally.

Dawn exhibits artwork independently and with groups; Thou Art Mum and Melbourne and Victorian Artists (MAVA). In her online store, you can find original pieces, wall art prints, and other home decor. A few times per year she accepted personalised and sentimental art commissions for clients.

Dawn creates out of her home studio in Wurundjeri country, the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.
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