Don’t blend in, be a Rebel.

Give your life and business a technicolour floodlight.

Art shows the world who you are. It’s an act of self-expression. Of rebellion.

You appreciate beauty but you don’t understand how art can help your business. It seems so elitist, expensive and you don’t know how to tell what’s good, bad or ugly.

The link between art and business is STORYTELLING.

It’s as old as fire and cave paintings.

Stories connect humans, it’s how we share our experiences, history and ideas. They make us FEEL.

I’m a writer. Always have been. But I’ve also always been an artist. And now that I’m the wise-old age of 40 I know that I don’t have to choose between the two.

What does that have to do with YOU?

If you’re in the market for art or copywriting, I’m an expert at weaving tales that help you find your kindred.

Express yourself. Be seen.

Art taught me to live with purpose.

Hi, I’m Dawn,

I paint, make mixed media art, and have an incurable resin obsession. I also write website content for businesses.

I’ve lived in Australia since 2010 but grew up in Buffalo, New York, USA. This explains why so much Australian Flora and fauna shows up in my work- it’s still newish to me!  My coffee-snobbery means I’m pretty much a local Melbournian now- I’m even a proud citizen with voting rights.

Back to the creative stuff. I have a Masters in Humanities and studied Studio Art at The State University of New York at Buffalo until I was strongly encouraged to, ‘get a real job.’ I tried. And tried (journalism, marketing sales, fundraising, communications)….

After giving birth to my first daughter painting helped me piece together the identity that Motherhood shattered. Art was a balm for a host of mental health issues.

Making art for my own home (and a few friends) grew into a business. I blogged the whole way through, Kangaroo Spotting was an ex-pat diary-turned-mummy-blog with tendrils into Etsy, Redbubble and exhibiting with local art groups TAM (Thou Art Mum) and MAVA (Melbourne and Victorian Artists Collective).

I’m infinitely grateful that using art as a therapy tool became my soul-on-fire work.

My studio-slash-office is in Macleod, I spend time there, working, clearing my busy mind, creating for my clients and hiding from my kids. 

Art really is for everyone.

Art is subjective, the only person who has to like it is YOU. You are allowed to like what you like without caring what other people think (the same goes for everything else in life)!

Listen to your instincts.

Making art, buying art, it’s about fulfilment and feeling. It can show you who you are. Creating and decorating is a discovery tool that can lead to some magical places.

You already create. Everyday.

All humans are creative because we need to make things to survive, it could be spreadsheets or school lunches, but it’s there. Come with me and see how I find creativity in my everyday life.

The best gift I can give my daughters is the example of a Mother who chases her passion. That, and a creative home.

Dawn xx

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