You Need Words.

Everyone does. Words sell things. Which helps pay for all those streaming subscriptions you have.

You're probably here because you need "an experienced website content writer to produce compelling and engaging content!" Sounds boring huh? That's because those are jargon-y, vague keywords. 

Not your jam. 

Not mine either.

Rebel against BASIC and set yourself apart.

One hard truth you need to accept is that whatever your business, you need to be online.

To get found online, you need to know a few crucial things:

1. Who is your audience?
2. How will they find you.

You may have stumbled upon my corner of the Cyberverse by Googling things like "e-commerce website, blog, social media post or article, high-quality copywriting, SEO friendly content writing" or any number of terms. But what happens when you land on a page full of 'industry lingo'? You click away. Expect your customers to do the exact same thing.

Be Clear

Be Concise

Use Simple Language

And whatever you do, do NOT try and appeal to everyone. 

You'll end up appealing to no one.

Any clever marketing person knows that you can't go wide and shallow if you want to convert; you need to go narrow and deep.

The good news is that narrow can still mean millions upon millions of potential customers because of this thing called the internet. You just need to speak to them in exactly the right way.

Sounds easier said than done.

If you've read this far, you're probably picking up what I'm putting down. I don't try to sell myself to people who don't want to work with me. If it's not a hell yes, it's a no.

AI-generated word vomit will not save you

You still need human writers to generate content both readable and relevant, and in my humble, at least mildly entertaining.

Words help amplify your brand message, and attract your online audience and they're like little hooks snagging window shoppers, pulling them slowly to the cash register while whispering sweet nothings.

Good copy can be the difference between success and failure.

I tell clients all the time that even if they have THE BEST product or service in the world if they can't communicate how it will make their customers' lives' better...RIP.

Original, high-quality copy that resonates with your customers.

With my help, you can take your content marketing efforts to the next level by defining a strong brand personality, attracting new customers, and keeping existing ones engaged.

What is content writing, Exactly?

Content writing, Copywriting, SEO Writing, Oh My!

Before you decide which platform to post on and how often, you need to tell your story.

Yes, content creation is important for business. You've got online content to think about, products to promote, blogs to post, socials to maintain, or if you're still old school you have paper materials to dole out. Many, many channels of content marketing to stuff full of words.

But would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Billy Shakespeare didn't think so and neither do I. You might not know what play that line came from but everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet.

When you connect with a story, you remember how that makes you feel. And that, my friends, is the most powerful form of advertising.

Copywriting Services

Website Writing
I've worked with hundreds of clients, from plumbers to Pilates instructors, and helped them develop a unique voice and tone capturing the spirit of their brands while also keeping in mind the needs of search engine crawlers.

Every business has different website needs, so if you're stuck I'm happy to help work with you to develop a sitemap that works best to meet your website goals.

Blog Writing & Article Writing
Blogging can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. More than anything these days, feature articles or promotional articles should answer questions your audience is asking. This is how they will find you. Blogs also help cement your brand voice while increasing your visibility in search engine rankings.

Amplify your brand with copywriting services

Sales Copywriting is crucial for any business, big or small.

You could be selling webinars, online courses, lightbulbs or yourself. Any way you slice it, any piece of writing should have a specific goal. It could be to increase newsletter sign-ups, sell more stuff, build anticipation or promote an event.

Unique high-quality content helps to build trust with potential customers and helps create fanatical brand evangelists (Don Miller's term).

Artful copywriting can help increase website traffic, and visibility, improve your search engine rankings but more importantly, it gives readers something valuable - Answer their questions, provide helpful tips, and entertain or enlighten them. This will naturally keep them coming back for more. And the more consistent you are with your brand tone and voice, the more trust you build with your audience.

Amplify your brand and take it to the next level with professional copywriting.

I have specialised in website copywriting for over four years and in that time I've written content over two hundred websites, hundreds of blogs, social media content and more. Below are my main package options. If you need something more bespoke, please email me and we can book in a call.

Copywriting Services

copywriting package options

Brand Me

So you can DIY with confidence.
  • Brand Voice discovery
  • Clear Brand messaging playbook
  • Tagline
  • Clear Descriptor
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Descriptive words
  • Grammar Guide
  • Development of Brand Tone and Voice
  • Brand Guideline PDF outlining the above

Bewitching Websites

To attract your ideal audience and ask for the sale.
  • Everything in the brand me PLUS+++
  • 6-10 pages of website copy
  • Sitemap development
  • Keyword-packed footer
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Advice on content creation

Full Sales Funnel Delegation

Because you're busy working on the parts of your business you love most.
  • Everything in bewitching websites AND++++++
  • A Lead Generating PDF to grow your email list
  • Bespoke Bio (for one employee)
  • 4 blog posts (750+ words)
  • 4 social media posts
  • Email Sales Sequence- 5 emails

Bespoke My Beating Heart

When you're not sure exactly what you need.

Speak to me about custom or retainer work. I consider this on a case-by-case basis.

Editing services

Structural or Developmental Editing

A heavy-handed edit to help with more abstract things like drawing on themes and adding a bit of creativity when necessary while focusing on:

  • concept
  • purpose
  • intended use
  • organisation
  • design.
$100 hr

Copy Editing

Sometimes called proofreading or grammatical editing. It's more than running your work through Grammarly. This type of edit ensures a lighter edit of your work or manuscript, including:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • style
  • legibility
  • consistency
  • quality
  • accuracy
  • style
$60-70 hr

need an editing quote?

I can provide a more specific quote once I can see your piece. That way I can tell how much time I think I will need to spend editing and we can stick to a budget.

A 50% deposit is required for all projects after we agree on the scope of works and sign a contract.

Not sure yet?

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Contact me today to learn more about how website content writing, blog writing services, and more can help you take action and paint a picture with words.

My website copywriting services amplify and communicate your message, call customers to action, establish cohesive branding, get you seen and remembered, reach your audience, step away from the pack, solve problems, gain exposure, foster loyalty and attract your troops. My experience with digital content writing, SEO-friendly content creation, and more, you can count on me for quality content that will help you level up and out of the pack. Website Content Writer Melbourne, at your service.

Dawn Rieniets is both a visual artist and brand copywriter. She uses her MA in English, journalism and sales background to craft engaging brand identity copy for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) globally.

Dawn exhibits artwork independently and with groups; Thou Art Mum and Melbourne and Victorian Artists (MAVA). In her online store, you can find original pieces, wall art prints, and other home decor. A few times per year she accepted personalised and sentimental art commissions for clients.

Dawn creates out of her home studio in Wurundjeri country, the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.
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