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Mar 17, 2021 | Stories

I’ve had the privilege lately of working on some sentimental projects. I cast a rose, given to my friend the night her husband proposed, some special feathers and a memento of a son, lost to childhood illness.

Now I’m getting to work on an exciting new project for a musician. He’s saved ticket stubs throughout the years, rather than letting them gather dust in a box, I’m going to make them into a colourful artwork for his family home.

resin rose

Words cannot express how much I love creating meaningful art and how honoured I feel that people trust me with their most special possessions and memories.

If you have a meaningful keepsake, let’s talk. Feel free to DM or email me

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  1. Susan Denecke

    It all started here. I love my creations and sharing them with special friends and family, so they can have a part of Adam always.


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