How Can I Make More Mum Friends?

Hello Mama’s, a website for Mum-matching, has launched the Aussie version a few days ago. They have been a great success in The US and Canada.


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{This is not a sponsored post, I found out about Hello Mama's socially. We are chatting about partnering-up but I wrote this because I think the concept is awesome and compliments my mission statement, plus I have readers who might love it too!}

Have you ever seen a cool-looking Mother with a well behaved kid at the supermarket and wish you had the guts to ask for her secret? Or have you noticed a Mum pushing her kid through the neighborhood in sweats (just like you) at afternoon nap time and want to shout out to her, “I feel you sister! Hang in there!” Well I-do-but-I-don't because I don't want to look as crazy as I feel.

There is a brand new online matching service in Australia, exclusively for mothers. And you don’t swipe right or left depending on their looks but rather fill out an online profile which matches Mamas based on much more important criteria.

Hello Mama’s, a website for Mum-matching, has launched the Aussie version a few days ago. They have been a great success in The US and Canada with over 60,000 users. Big numbers are expected in Australia, New Zealand and the UK as well.
It’s really less like Tinder and more like a combination of (for it's niche interest groups) and (for it's matches based on a questionnaire.) Feel too shy to meet in person? There is no obligation to do so. HM's have an online forum and chat groups for local advice. And who knows, you could develop an online friendship that could eventually turn into a real life one once you feel comfortable!
I’m an outgoing person by nature but striking up conversations at the playground can feel a tad awkward even for me...I've done it a few times but have never been brave enough to score another Mum’s digits, I don’t want to seem like a stalker.

Being a Mother is ironically lonely because you have zero privacy- but someone in the same situation understands those messy feelings. It can really help your state of mind to chat with someone who gets it. Every time I leave my Mum’s Group I feel like I've been given the encouragement to soldier on. Not everyone is so lucky, sometimes Mother’s Group’s don’t work out. Mine only meets once a week- there are four other days to fill!

Easy to use on a mobile too (source: mobile site)
Hello Mama’s could be the answer. Who has time to make Mum friends out in the world when people are scurrying around glued to their phones? Three intelligent, isolated Mothers in the USA thought to use the popular online-dating-service model to link other stay-at-home Mums (why didn't someone think of this sooner?) When you fill out a profile HM's will match you with other like-minded Mums.
The founders. Source: website.

Just moved to a new area? Have a child with severe allergies? Want to hang with people who use the same parenting strategies? Or what if you're like me and want to meet other expats? HM's gives Mothers the opportunity to create specialized, local meet ups or play dates with parents who experience similar challenges.

Motherhood can be extremely isolating for a million reasons. “At the end of the day we want users to be able to create their own support network,” said Shalini, Hello Mama’s Managing Director, Australia. HM's have given Mums the power to do so in a wonderfully simple way.
The site is free to join, it's user-friendly and monitored for safety and respect. I signed up myself and look forward to exploring all it has to offer. Maybe I'll see you on there!

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3 comments on “How Can I Make More Mum Friends?”

  1. What a cute idea this is! I'm lucky to have an amazing mother's group, motherhood would have been very different without them. The support of other mum's is invaluable x

  2. Isn't it great?!? I definitely could have benefitted from this in the early days when I felt so unsure. So nice to hear that you love your Mothers Group also! Too often I hear horror stories. I'm also lucky with my group- could not have survived the last 19 months without them! Xo

  3. Thank you for sharing this story. I wish I had habit of leaving practices. My kids and I would have had calmer days..

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