Turn a Bad Day Good with a Gratitude List

I decided to be grateful for the little things today. Here is a big list of small things that happened which made me feel grateful, humble and a heck-of-a-lot better.
Our Surprise Care Package
I received an upsetting email last night and this morning I woke up sad, angry and even a little bitter. Online I read about how Kanye dissed Beck at the Grammy’s and it was all I needed to be disappointed at the world. I love Beck, he rocks.  He’s been around twice as long as KWest and is ten times as humble. It’s just as important to support one another as it is to acknowledge those who came before us. Sometimes all we want is a little humanity and a little less drama.
Today was day-care day and I planned to exercise and go for a swim but I felt so off, I couldn't decide what to do.  But then as I was taking a bagged, poopie diaper to the back porch I noticed a little package sitting there.  It was from my Aunt (who is more like my sister.)  Her thoughtful gesture reminded me to stop feeling sorry for myself.
I decided to be grateful for the little things today. Here is a big list of small things that happened which made me feel grateful, humble and a heck-of-a-lot better.
Hometown Love
  1. A lovely Care Package at my doorstep from my Aunt Jeefy.
  2. Vigorous and intense workout to blast negative thoughts out of my body and mind.
  3. Hearing Thunderstruck on the radio. Loud. It reminds me of the time I watched Buffalo’s own heavyweight champ, Baby Joe Mesi approach the boxing ring to the song. It still gives me chills.
  4. Reading a great article sent by my best friend: ‘10 Ways You’re Making your Life Harder Than It Has To Be’ which basically tells you how to get over yourself, but in a good way.
  5. I bought Thunderstruck on iTunes because it’s not on Spotify.
  6. I went to my old neighborhood of Fitzroy to take a swim in the outdoor public pool. I still feel at home there, and I always park on our old street.
  7. I heard the Taylor Swift Song, Blank Space, on the Radio and it made me tear up.
  8. I bought Blank Space on iTunes because it’s not on Spotify.
  9. I ate my healthy bagged lunch in the sun and went for a swim.
  10. My car remained free from a parking ticket.
  11. I found a gorgeous, second-hand bowl and saucers for 10 dollars.
  12. The nice American man who cashed me out enforced just how great it is to live in this country.
  13. When I started playing Blank Space on repeat I pulled over and bought the rest of the album. I like the first four songs already. (I’m all about guilty pleasures but I really wanted to hate her.)
  14. Lavinia had a good day at day-care.
  15. I received some helpful advice from one of the women who runs the center.
  16. Lavinia did crafts for the first time and loved it. They told me she will probably be artistic. This makes me proud. It’s also okay with it if she’s not.
  17. One of my Mum’s group friends dropped off a plate while I was out. I’m so eternally grateful to know her plus the four other women in my group. They get it.
  18. My husband is one of the kindest, most supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am beyond lucky. He is one of those people who has this “life” thing figured out.
  19. My daughter was asking to dance before I put her down for a nap.
  20. I can’t wait to play the Taylor album for her when she wakes up.
  21. Did I mention that today I got to go to the gym, the pool and shop???
Photo does not do these justice
Little Plate, Little Love
Budding Abstract Expressionist


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