Taking Stock: The New, Newborn Chronicles

A few short thoughts (because that's all I'm capable of) on the less-than-Glamourous-yet-magical time of life with a newborn. Bottles. boobs and maternity-wear.


The less-than-Glamourous yet magical time of life with a newborn

Won't you take stock with me? Copy and paste this list, fill it in, keep it to yourself or share it with me dawn@roospotting.com It's amazing to see what sorts of themes develop when you answer such simple questions. Find out what's on your mind! Scroll down to copy and paste your list.

Serious RBF

Making : Messes.
Cooking : Reheating frozen meals and enjoying food that friends are dropping off.
Drinking : Had my first few glasses of bubbles on the weekend. #popbub
Reading: Short articles, mostly on Social media. I was in the middle of 'What Happened,' by Hillary Clinton but haven't read any since I was in labour (after the epidural obvs).
Wanting: More sleep.
Looking: Like a Mother with a newborn. #teamdirtyhair
Playing: More like avoiding play, encouraging my 4-year-old to play independently because I have just enough energy to survive and keep the kids alive.
Deciding: What is more important? Nap, shower or food. Depends on the day.
Wishing: That my babies won't grow up too, too quickly.
Enjoying: The lack of anxiety and sense of calm this time.
Waiting: There is no time for waiting. Someone is usually waiting for me to do something.
Liking: Baby bath time.
Wondering: When Imogen will sleep through the night....I know it's early but I'm impatient!
Loving: Having a family of four.
Pondering: At why the days feel so long and so short all at the same time.
Considering: Putting baby into a routine but it seems like SO MUCH WORK.
Watching: Stranger Things, Stand-up Comedy (on Netflix), The Let-Down (on ABC iview).
Hoping: That little baby Imogen is as chilled out as she seems. We are still in the newborn phase so it's hard to tell with all that eating and sleeping. Fingers crossed.
Marvelling: At how some parents go YEARS with interrupted sleep. I would not survive without losing a few marbles.
Needing: SLEEEEEEEP. More Sleep.
Smelling: A baby's head. All day err'y day.
Wearing: Nursing tops and bras, maternity pants. Boo.
Following: Following my thumbs as I mindlessly scroll through Facebook and Instagram so I can stay awake while feeding in the middle of the night.
Noticing: How chubby Imogen's cheeks are getting. 🙂
Knowing: That life is pretty damn good right now, busy, but good.
Thinking: About moving the whole family down to the beach....ahhhhh. Someday.
Feeling: Grateful for all the love and support I have from my chosen family here in Australia. I know this is how I've been able to dodge a second round of PND so far.
Admiring: Mothers. All Mothers.
Sorting: Getting rid of maternity clothes and newborn clothes because I. Am. Done. No more babies!
Buying: So many art and beach supplies from Aldi!! I'm the only person who can go in there and spend nearly 200 bucks at a time. I don't get out much.
Getting: Excited for the holidays simply because Matt has three weeks off. I couldn't care less about the holidays themselves. Just want some more family time.
Bookmarking: Things to read when I have a longer attention span.
Disliking: The work week.
Opening: Opening and closing the laundry machine on the reg.
Giggling: Like a goofball when I can get my 5 week old to genuniely smile. It's the best.
Feeling: Like I'm okay but that I need to take care of myself because it won't take much to throw me off my game.
Snacking: On all the treats. Breasfeeding makes all food taste SO GOOD because I'm starving all the time.
Coveting: Quiet time. It's in short supply. But then it seems too quiet and I have to put on the TV or music for background noise. I'm weird.
Wishing: I had more energy, but it could really be worse.
Helping: Hoping to help connect new Mums to some great advice in these videos I made with Bupa. This one is about breastfeeding and this one is about me time (for parents in the first 1000 days).
Hearing: White noise because the baby is napping.

The girls both at one month old

Want to Take Stock With Me?

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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4 comments on “Taking Stock: The New, Newborn Chronicles”

  1. You have learned so much. How lucky your girls are to have such a powerful mother. You are awesome. I LOVE the "serious" picture. OMG--sooooooo cute.

    1. ‘Powerful’ is such an awesome compliment. I certainly don’t feel that way most of the time- but I would like to be worthy of such a word!

  2. Ah Dawn, she is so gorgeous! I’m so pleased to read you are having a better experience of new motherhood this time around. Keep smelling that head, keep looking at those cheeks. I love it when the get to about three months and the cheeks are round and the gurgles start being played with. Keep going, mumma xx

    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! She's just turned six weeks old and instantly started sleeping better and smiling which makes my life WAY easier and better. <3

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