Change Makers Book Launch

Dec 3, 2019 | Creativity, Mental Health

Recently I grabbed an opportunity by the ovaries. It’s kind of insane-but not really- and it fills one of my lifelong dreams, to be published in a book.

Change Makers, 20 Inspirational Stories from Women Making an Impact in the Lives of Others.

My co-authors are business owners, entrepreneurs and change-makers in their fields. I haven’t changed the world but in the last decade, I’ve changed myself. I’ve shed the obedient, good-girl people-pleaser, I’ve battled mental health issues but came through the other side and started chasing down my dreams like only a formerly-mad-woman could.

I keep seeing all these posts about how there are only # weeks left in THIS DECADE. The posts are all, “Get it, Sis! Take that risk!” I wholeheartedly agree to a point but some of us are slower movers, and that’s cool. Real, sustainable change takes time.

So for those of you who might need more than a few weeks to take a huge risk, I want you to know it’s okay to make small steps in the right direction.

When I look back at the last decade, the ’10’s, I see how some of my biggest challenges involved getting out of bed and into the shower (up there with moving across the globe on the difficulty scale at times). I’ve been to hell and back in my own mind. From complete darkness to total joy. I did it by building the bridge across one board at a time.

If I look back to 2009, the year I transferred my whole life from Buffalo, New York, to Melbourne, Australia, I’m in a completely different place, mentally, physically (obviously), and emotionally. But even after that bold move, it’s been a constant evolution.

Now I’m being called to share my experience with others with the hope to inspire, at the least and at the most help women express their true, wild selves at the very most.

If I can do it, then anyone can.

Love, peace and babysteps,





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