Make a new BFF in the bathroom or save your own life with this Holiday Emergency kit.

This is easy, inexpensive, useful and chances are you already have many of the items you need.

The Holiday party season has been raging and chances are we all have a few more events before the dust and tinsel settles (bust one of these out on NYE!)

So when your mascara smudges, wine spills on your dress, put a run in your stockings or when your bra strap snaps…you will be fully prepared.

Scoop up some of those cosmetic bags you have laying around (you know the ones you get at department stores or Sephora) and fill them up with first aid.

I bought something similar a few years ago from a company called Pinch Provisions (excellent, products- I wish they had them in Australia) which is where I got the idea to make these at home.

Here is a list of item ideas which you can personalize. Obviously try to get the smallest travel size you can in order to fit more into your bag. A girl scout is always prepared!

Bobby pin
Safety Pin
Sewing Kit
Clear Nailpolish
Nail File
Blotting Papers
Stain Remover

Put it all together with a cute little note and viola! An awesome, affordable, practical last-minute gift.

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