Friday I am going to Hobart with my dear friend. Without our kids.

We booked flights months ago during a Jetstar promotion. Since then I don’t think either of us thought much about it. Suddenly two weeks out- we had not even booked a hotel. (Back in the day I could show up in a foreign country without booking a hotel but not today- today my life is planned down to the minute.)

I felt relieved when she messaged me saying she was a bit nervous about the trip.  Secretly I was too.  Not only will it be the longest I’ve been away from Lavinia but I’m so used to being bogged down by housework, kid-work, multi-tasking, and scheduled me-time that the concept of two days structure-free is overwhelming.
I didn’t know exactly what either of us wanted the weekend to look like.  In the past party-Dawn would be in full effect: Friday night booze shesh and debauchery, followed by morning bloody-Marys, some shopping, a disco-nap, round two and a horrid Sunday hangover.  These days I would be just as happy in a hotel robe sleeping and watching movies…well almost.  I’m not dead yet.  It’s safe to assume our range of activities are going to fall someplace in between those two scenarios.
Hobart January 2013
My friend and I have big responsibilities now.  We are wife and mother in addition to being daughter, sister, friend and colleague.

This past year we have both worked to transform ourselves, hers mainly physically and mine mainly emotionally, though we’ve each experienced a bit of both. She coaxed me out of the house when I was struggling with post-natal anxiety and depression.  I listened when she told me about bold health-related decisions she was making.  I am just now realizing just how much our journeys paralleled one another.  The essence:  Internal struggle to pin down an adult identity without piercing our childhood dreams in the process.

At this moment, in a brand new year, it’s rewarding to see goals achieved and look forward to the road ahead- what a wonderful opportunity to celebrate that together this weekend.
Hobart January 2013
She sent me a message today about our trip that said “we are going to be the undiluted essence of ourselves. I propose a toast to the essence of our souls my friend!” which inspired this post.

It’s the perfect plan. Pencil me in.

*The only other time I went to Hobart Lavinia was with me.  I was about 8 weeks pregnant.

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3 thoughts on “There You Are

  1. You will have a wonderful time. Hobart is incredible. Did you go to MONA last time? And also, it is so incredibly daggy, but Cam and I had an incredible meal at the revolving restaurant at Wrest Point. We walked in thinking 'what the hell are we doing here', but the service and food was unexpectedly wonderful. Enjoy your time away xx

    Posted on January 13, 2015 at 2:54 am
  2. Last time I went I only had about five hours in MONA but could have stayed there all day- it was the most incredible art gallery I have ever seen. I loved it. Thanks for the restaurant suggestion! Kez and are are not opposed to doing something a bit touristy. Apparently MONA FOMA is on over the weekend so the people watching should be out of this world.

    Posted on January 14, 2015 at 5:27 am