Apartment hunting today.

Here’s a gripe: Apartments are only open for “inspection” for 15 minutes at a time! Huh? You can easily get stuck in traffic and miss a whole viewing. This happened to us.

I should be more positive because we really, really love one place in particular. We stalked it from the outside, the location is absolutely perfect. A secretary at the realty company told us the wrong day and time to view it but unless the inside is rancid we want the place based on location alone.

It’s a split level, technically 2 bedroom apartment with the master bedroom upstairs and an office/ studio (in my mind) upstairs. We want it so bad that we’re considering bribing the realtor. No joke.

So of course we roll up to the inspection (which is at 5pm on a weekday) and there are like a dozen people standing out front. Matty’s immediately convinced we’re the front runners.

“Look at these people,” He says. “We’ve got it in the bag. Look at THOSE people,” gesturing to the rough-looking pair across the street.

“Can we be positive please?” I snap.

“Are you stressed baby?” He asks.

It’s already after 5pm and the crowd collectively shuffles. Most look like they had to leave work early and rush here.

The realtor is talking to someone on either her cell phone or the intercom but it’s difficult to make out what they’re saying.

I’m leaning on Matt because I forgot my jacket and the sun is sinking along with my hopes.

The tenant was a no-show to let us in for the inspection.

“Are they fair dinkem?” Matt asks aloud (that’s Aussie for, “Are you for real?)

We hang back while people start flipping out on the realtor.

Then it’s our turn to bitch but Matty plays it cool.

“Wow, what a bunch of rude people hey? Not like it’s your fault,” He tells the realtor and she softens. He mentions that we were the people who were told the wrong day and time, that we’ve been here before and we really want the place. He’s polite and smiling.

Spark of recognition. She remembers. “Well, I’d rather rent it to you instead of any of those mean people. Here, she hands us an application. “If you are approved, it’s yours.”

Bingo. My boyfriend should have been in sales.

Matty is already planning where to put the furniture but I’m a little more cautious- it still seems too good to be true. I’m so afraid of being let down.

Always on the ball however, as soon as we get home from dinner at The Panama Dining Room Matty is online downloading applications and making me fill one out so he can turn them in the next morning.

Next day.

We show up at the apartment as the realtor parks her car. We are immediately cheerful and friendly. Matt throws in a “man some people got a bit cranky with you the other day, how terrible!”

“Yes what those people don’t realize is that I remember them at the next showing and simply smile and cross their names off my list.” Ouch!

Even though the place was left messy, we loved it.

You don’t have to hide your excitement like in the US. She asked us what we thought and we told her.
“Great, your applications have been pre-approved on the basis that you like the place. When would you like to pick up the keys?”


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  1. “All politey, all while smiling” who does that remind you of?? Hahaha, honey traps flies all over the world!!!

    Posted on May 12, 2010 at 3:41 pm