This fig paste is so easy to make and absolutely decadent on any cheese platter, on toast or even over vanilla Ice Cream! You can’t screw it up!

Our neighbors have a crazy-ginormous fig tree that spills over onto our side of the fence. This year the yield is out of control. We’ve had to net both sides to keep the fruit bats and possums from feasting all night long.

Until we moved into our house I had never eaten a fresh fig. The sweetness and complex taste is something I couldn’t have imagined (Fig Newton Cookies have lied). Once you pick them though, they don’t last long. I’ve been eating figs whole, putting them on oatmeal, in smoothies in cakes but wanted to do something with a big batch- thus my hunt for a paste recipe.

Fig Fail

This recipe failed due to user error (nothing wrong with the recipe itself). It’s done on the stovetop and I overcooked the paste so badly that it was like cement when it cooled. I’ll take full responsibility for being a jam/ paste making novice. Yes, I may have been snuggling with my daughter on the couch while watching Moana and smelling it burn. I couldn’t bare to move while she was laying in my arms perfectly still- for once. Thus, our first batch had to be sacrificed. Kinda worth it.

To prevent another figgy-misfortune, I saught a crockpot recipe online with no luck. I’m pleased to report my experiment with the slow cooker went surprisingly well!

All you need for figgy goodness

Foolproof Fig Paste in the Slow Cooker

All you need are two ingredients and a crockpot!


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  • 500 grams Jam Setting Sugar
  • 12 Fresh Figs


  1. Peel figs and puree (I used a stick mixer right in the crockpot itself).
  2. Add Jam Setting Sugar and mix well.
  3. If your crockpot has a sear setting, turn it on while you mix ingredients together, if not, skip this step or do it in a pot on the stove.
  4. Slow Cook on low and make sure to stir occasionally in the first few hours.
  5. Once finished, scoop fig paste into greased bowls (I used coconut oil cooking spray) or little jars and place in the fridge.


This month’s theme is light. Rachel from Sesame Ellis is getting us to look at how and what we photograph before getting into the more technical lessons (past month themes have been perspective and beginnings). This is such a fun and pressure-free way to enter into this year-long photography project.

I’ve started keeping my camera in the kitchen for easy access and it’s a big help when inspiration strikes.

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Brought to you by Homedics


To maximise enjoyment of items on this list, take part while children are in bed or in front of the television. Go on already, you deserve it.

Many of these suggestions won’t be mind-blowing or original. What I suggest is that by being mindful, attentive to detail and really deliberate about each of these ideas, it will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

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Brought to you by Spotlight

Last week I attended Spotlight’s launch of National Craft Month.

The event was set in a funky, industrial part of town, which I feel naturally lends itself to creativity. There is so much you can do with a shell and raw materials! I mean, check out the pendant light in the photo above.

I digress.

The venue looked completely gorgeous and showcased many products and crafts that you can find in Spotlight stores.

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Sunday I completed a painting I’ve been working on since Christmas. I’ve been absolutely dying to hang it up and it’s been a struggle to find the time to work on it between the pregnancy, visitors and life in general.

It’s finished, hung and I’m happy to have it off my easel in one way yet in another, I’m itching (and a bit nervous) to start the next one.

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a Massage At Home!

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Let’s face it, adulting is tough. Maybe I’m just speaking for me but between parenting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, running a business, exercising, laundry, finding time for the hubs- it leaves me little time for myself.

Now that I’m pregnant with number two I’m absolutely wrecked and finding it daunting just to do the basics. Well, last Thursday I got a special treat. A prenatal massage without even leaving my house.

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Pancakes. Usually something I have once a year on my birthday but lately, my daughter has been bugging me to make them daily.

I usually make a sugar-free version with wholemeal flour but today I went a step further and added a vegetable. Pumpkin. It adds a sweetness and moisture our regular hotcakes have been missing.

This recipe is simple and makes lots so you can stick the leftovers in the fridge and nibble on them for a few days.

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The 12-week rule is mainstream. It’s constantly on social media; parents posting joyful, clever, pregnancy announcements…but only after the first trimester is done and dusted.

Questioning the guideline will lead people to explain that there is a higher risk of miscarriage within the first 12 weeks. This answer always bothers me because it implies miscarriages should be kept secret too. What about women who prefer to have social support through such a difficult time?

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This month the theme for our photography challenge is Perspective. Though I’m a little late sharing the photos, I actually took them on time. Not that I’m making excuses (I am), there has been a liiiiitle bit happening. My best friend arrived for a visit the day I found out we were pregnant with our second baby.

Michelle and I took our trip to the sea as planned but I experienced our girls weekend from a different perspective;

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I’ve been a probiotics user for years. Recently I’ve been checking out different brands to compare benefits.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or an expert. This is simply my experience with my own personal probiotic use.

Warning: Bodily functions discussed. Okay, now down to business.

I shout about mental health from the rooftops and about how I’ve overcome challenges with postnatal depression and anxiety.

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