Permission to Take Up Space


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Embrace your radiant sovereignty with 'Permission to Take Up Space'—a celebration of strength, color, and the textured tales woven into our very skin.
Fine art canvas with hand embroidery

"Permission to Take Up Space" is a bold testament to the dignity and strength of womanhood. This piece captures the essence of resilience with its portrayal of a strong black woman; her gaze lifted in a silent yet profound declaration of sovereignty. Each petal of her flower crown, meticulously hand-embroidered over 150 hours, serves as a testament to the artist's devotion, transforming the artwork into a sanctuary of texture and depth.

Set against a backdrop of smoky rose quartz, the portrait exudes a serene power. Its colours meld into an expressive tapestry that mirrors the multifaceted beauty of the human spirit. The woman’s skin, a canvas within a canvas, reveals a spectrum of shades and hues, each telling a story of struggle, triumph, and unabashed existence.

Framed in natural tassie oak, this fine art canvas is not merely an object of visual delight but a sacred invitation. It beckons viewers to draw near, to witness the intricacy and beauty of the details, and to feel the vibrancy of life woven into the fabric of the artwork. "Permission to Take Up Space" is more than a statement—it is a celebration of the unapologetic self, a reminder that every being has the right to not just exist but to claim their space in the world with grace and audacity.

This artwork speaks directly to the soul, urging us to embrace our own stories and complexities and wear our identities as crowns- adorned with the flowers of our unique journeys. It is a call to howl from the walls, not hide who we are, and revel in the beauty of taking up space.

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Dawn Rieniets is both a visual artist and brand copywriter. She uses her MA in English, journalism and sales background to craft engaging brand identity copy for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) globally.

Dawn exhibits artwork independently and with groups; Thou Art Mum and Melbourne and Victorian Artists (MAVA). In her online store, you can find original pieces, wall art prints, and other home decor. A few times per year she accepted personalised and sentimental art commissions for clients.

Dawn creates out of her home studio in Wurundjeri country, the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.
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