Embody Your Grace


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Discover the luminous power of self-acceptance with 'Embody Your Grace'—a celebration of inner beauty defying societal norms, one vibrant shade at a time.
Acrylic on Canvas Framed in Natural Tassie Oak

"Embody Your Grace" is a tender, painterly homage to the innate beauty that lies within every curve, every shade, and every line of the human form. This small portrait features a curvy woman, draped in a simple white swimsuit, her black hair flowing freely. Yet, it's the canvas of her skin, painted in a symphony of beautiful colours and shades, that tells the most compelling story.

Far removed from the narrow corridors of traditional beauty standards, she stands as a beacon of true beauty—a beauty that cannot be contained, defined, or diminished by the media's fleeting ideals. Her presence in this artwork is a testament to the grace that comes from embracing oneself fully, from the recognition that beauty is a light that radiates from within, illuminating the depths of our true nature.

"Embody Your Grace" is not just an artistic expression; it's a reminder, a quiet yet powerful declaration that what society often values is merely skin deep. Through the lens of this portrait, we are invited to see beyond superficial markers of beauty, to find the splendour in the diversity of the human experience, and to celebrate the myriad ways grace manifests in our lives. This piece challenges us to redefine our perceptions, to see beauty in its most authentic and inclusive form, and to acknowledge the elegance in simply being ourselves.

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Dawn Rieniets is both a visual artist and brand copywriter. She uses her MA in English, journalism and sales background to craft engaging brand identity copy for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) globally.

Dawn exhibits artwork independently and with groups; Thou Art Mum and Melbourne and Victorian Artists (MAVA). In her online store, you can find original pieces, wall art prints, and other home decor. A few times per year she accepted personalised and sentimental art commissions for clients.

Dawn creates out of her home studio in Wurundjeri country, the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.
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