Dawn Rieniets in front of orange and warm coloured artwork

Magic for blank walls and web pages

Visual Artwork and Creative Website Copy

Do you know yourself?

Are you ready to show that to the world?

Deceptively superficial, your style (or brand) communicates who you are and what you believe.

My life’s work is to help individuals and small businesses reveal themselves because Artwork is not a luxury, it’s self-expression.

Creativity for business.

Creativity for life.

Creativity for expression.

Go from Bland to Bold

Communicate your message

Call customers to action 

Establish cohesive branding

Be seen & remembered

Reach your Audience

Step away from the pack

Solve problems

Gain exposure

Foster loyalty

Attract your people

Take Action

Level UP

Write on purpose.

Connect to your Loyalists

Website copy for Bosses, Manifestors, Chiefs, CEO’s, Shamans, Matriarchs, OG’s, Coaches, Gang Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

Obviously I love eye candy, but WORDS are the most irresistible treat your business can offer.

Words inspire, build trust and call your customers to action.

P.S, I’ve written a chapter in this inspiring book!

Change Makers: 20 Transformational Stories by Women Making an Impact in the Lives of Others

The detailed story of how I went from a directionless, insecure, people-pleaser, to working artist and writer. I explain how I’ve used self-expression (and Boundaries! Queen!) to crowbar my mental health into a better place.

Buy your e-copy for $1.50 AUD here

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Dannielle C.

“When I saw Dawn’s skull and flowers artwork on Instagram, it took my breath away. I knew I wanted not even a print, but the one she has touched and loved into life. I’d just nursed my father through the end of his life and something in this piece spoke of the fragile beauty of life and death. Death is something rarely spoken of in our society, but I love how this piece balances the beauty of the coexistence of life and death, of impermanence and transition. That, and it’s cool A.F.”

Jennifer D

I came to Dawn for help with writing the perfect cover letter. She nailed it! It was organized very nicely with highlighting who I am, what I am looking for and why the company should consider me for the position! She really has a way with words which makes sense as why she is so successful in her career. Thank you so much for your help!!

Ilter Dumduz, Founder and CEO Blys Massage

This was the second time I worked with Dawn, and it was again a pleasure. Dawn tried our service and wrote a genuine review for it on her blog, and she turned it around pretty quickly. We couldn’t be happier with working with Dawn and the outcome. Her review for Blys Home Massage was spot on, which is evident from the engagement it received from her followers and readers. Would love to work with Dawn again.

Tania Tan, Clothes Designer and Business Owner Maternity Sale

“Many thanks for your numerous posts featuring our products. You went to an enormous effort to style the items with your unique fashion sense. Thank you also for the detailed stats – I’m sure your blog will continue to grow with your engaging posts and I can imagine we’ll continue to get some traffic flowing through as time goes by.”

Bondi Chai

A quick note of sincere thanks for the efforts you’ve been making with our product.

It’s always so good to work with someone who actually does what she says  she will do and it’s an even bigger pleasure working with someone who has your enthusiasm and so obviously shares our values.

We’ve worked with a few bloggers over the years, but few get the direct results that we’re already seeing from the recipes you’ve devised and the associated posts. Keep up the great work – and thanks again for your help.

Tim & Jen G.

“My wife and I have known Dawn for many years and have always admired her artistic talent. Impressed with her uniqueness and ability to draw upon her extroverted personality, we decided to collaborate with her from the US and commission an original painting. After sharing our vision for the piece, she created a beautiful and vibrant painting — one that we will cherish and display in our home for the rest of our lives.  It was like Christmas when received the rolled up canvas from Melbourne, with a personalized note.  We couldn’t have been happier!  Dawn thoughtfully named the painting “Infusion” to commemorate our personalities and life as a couple. This added personal touch made this experience even more meaningful. We’re looking forward to working with Dawn again for our second DNR original!”

Bella H.

“Your feedback for my resume and cover letter was very professional yet personal. I feel that it created a connection between myself and my potential employer.”

Betsy V

“I saw my koala on Dawn’s Instagram and fell in love with the little guy. I’ve followed her artwork for some time and like what she does with color and had been wanting to purchase something…so I was very happy to see the koala.  I was also thrilled I could afford an original piece because the texture is so cool.

When I opened the box and took out the painting, it was like a smile came into the room. To get a koala from Australia (!) was so exciting.

Dawn was great to work with and sent me updates as she worked, which was a great personal touch. I saw him wake up on the canvas and feel very lucky to have watched the process.”

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