Start Telling Yourself 'You Can' With Creativity

A year for wake-up calls and broken hearts. We lost many legendary artists and a reality TV star won the US presidential election...

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A year for wake-up calls and broken hearts, 2016. We lost legendary artists (most to drug and alcohol addiction), a reality TV star won the US presidential election, and many of us grieved.

Personally, I started last year at a low point. We lost a cousin to suicide and I slipped back into depression. Again I found myself at the bottom of a pit with a tiny shovel.

Therapy, art, and writing all helped. At least I had already created a foundation with those things after earnestly pursuing my passion earnest almost three years ago.

With head down, shovel (pen and brushes) in hand, I got startled by a blog award nomination. The thought of it sent me flying. At first, I felt like an imposter then later, pride. Somehow I landed myself in a room among incredible bloggers and they accepted me into the fold.

The night of the awards, I could hardly feel sorry for myself for not winning because another milestone/ bucket list/ goal glimmered on the first art exhibition.

Many happy hours were spent in my new studio (and in outer space) painting until my hands and fingernails were caked with acrylic. Building up stock, churning out ideas.

Driving to the show in a car loaded to the ceiling with artwork, the annoying and negative voice started telling me that I didn't deserve this. I took a few deep breaths, turned up the music and pushed through traffic. The show was an incredible success. I made friends, sold stuff and felt completely loved and supported.

How was it all possible? I learned to set boundaries. To say no to some things so in order to say yes to others. I wandered WAY outside my comfort zone.

A few other highlights- I taught my first two art workshops. I'm still playing with the format but plan on doing more in the future. Also, I tried building a community with my project, Makers Monthly. Each month (or so) I invited my Australian Etsy peers to post links to their shops and items and I paid to promote the post in the hopes that we would all get some eyeballs and sales. It worked for some and the posts were shared widely on social media.

Playing with creativity
Photo By Sara Heidinger Photography

This year I'm going inward. I plan on finally learning photography. I've loved it since childhood and always felt like it was a way to show people how I saw the world. At Uni I took digital photography, felt intimidated by photoshop, and thought 'it's just not my thing.' This year I'm allowing my secret creative desires to step into the light and will continue to work on my self-esteem with all of it.

When I look back at 2016 I will remember it as the year of professional rewards and of governmental failure. The year I learned there is so much more work to do in our communities, as women and with our children. The year that taught us we need to buckle down, to work harder, to be better.

These are my most popular posts for 2016 I think you can see they are reflective of everything that happened in my family, in my art, and in the wider world.

Top Kangaroo Spotting Posts: 2016

  1. 8 Things I Did To Recover From Postnatal Depression And Anxiety I really wanted to help people by sharing my experience.
  2. When Is The Best Time To Have A Second Child? Everyone has a theory, this is mine.
  3. Awards Night and A New Lease on Blog Life Blog awards rundown.
  4. Why it's Easier to Talk to Non-Americans About the US Election It's just the way it is.
  5. Breastfeeding Sucks Pun intended. Excellent video with real Mums talking about breastfeeding experiences, with a few snippets from yours truly.
  6. Relationships Can Survive Renovating A sneaky peek inside our newly renovated home!
  7. Morning Motherhood Ritual I love this piece, it's more a story about how I find 'me time' every once in a while and what I do to savour it.

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4 comments on “Start Telling Yourself 'You Can' With Creativity”

  1. I don't comment much on blogs these days, but I just wanted to say, Dawn, that I have been quietly following you for some time and it has been a joy to watch how you have blossomed, even during the times when for you I am sure it has felt like one step forward and two steps back. Your open spirit and generous nature shine through in bucket loads, not to mention your amazing creativity. I truly wish you for you a 2017 that lets your light shine brighter than ever before. xx

    1. Sarah, Thank you so much for your beautiful message. I am so grateful that you've been following along and it sounds like you 'get it.' One step forward, two steps back yet we keep pushing along. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you taking the time to write me such a heartfelt message. I hope you also have wonderful things ahead in 2017. XO

    1. Thank you so much Clare! Your encouragement will go a long way. I'm so intimidated by my camera but it's time to take it on. Happy New Year to you! XO

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