What do visual art and copywriting have in common?


Let me help tell your story.

Expression connection.

It’s as old as fire and cave paintings.

Stories connect humans, it’s how we share our experiences, history and ideas. They make us FEEL.

I’m a writer. Always have been. But I’ve also always been an artist. And now that I’m the wise-old age of 40 I know that I don’t have to choose between the two.

What does that have to do with YOU?

If you’re in the market for art or copywriting, I’m an expert at weaving tales that help you find your kindred.

Let’s create something incredible, together.

Collaborate with me to come up with a gorgeous art piece for your home or office

Work with me to craft piercing words that strike at the bullseye of your audience.

Or find some inspo on these pages or in my shop. Buy some art, decorate yourself, make a family meal you can eat with your eyes, meditate, craft, create something. YOUR thing.

Artwork and Commission work

I take commissions on an individual basis. If you like my work and I like your idea, we can collaborate on bringing your vision to life.  It’s important to me that my artwork is affordable so we will start with your budget and I’ll give you options based on size and complexity.

All commissions are planned around exhibitions and spots are limited so get in touch as soon as inspiration strikes.

Get an original

Learn about the process

Get a print

See past work


custom artwork


Commissions are personal, intimate, and require trust on your part and mine. Head on over to the contact page and complete an artwork brief. Then we will chat via phone or email.


I research ideas and come up with a cohesive design plan. When I create the work, I’ll be meditating on the result or recipient. This is where muses come in and the magic happens. 


You will receive three updates in the form of photos, the last one being your opportunity to add anything to the piece and to ensure that you are 110% happy with the result.

take off

Your totally unique, custom artwork will be carefully wrapped, packaged and sent to you by courier. 


Words are a direct connection to your audience.

Need help getting heard?

With my background in journalism, freelance writing, and ten years of experience blogging, I can help you find your frequency. It’s not about reaching the masses with a watered-down message, it’s about getting a confetti-gun in front of your ideal audience.

I offer copywriting for marketing materials including; web content, resumes, cover-letters, services documents, and more.

Words are important so make an impression when people are paying attention (because 6 seconds later, they won’t be).

Social Media & Blog Content

Rally against blank screens.

Sometimes posting on social media can be fun…other times, it’s a life-drainer. I offer blog content with keywords and titles (500-500 words) for a wide variety of subjects. All posts will be fully researched for keywords and ranked against competitors. Ask me about my packages.

Social media content is personalized, with audience-provoking questions.

I have a series of templates for visual artists coming soon- sign up for my newsletter to learn more.

Website Copy

Want to cut through internet white noise?

Your website is a 24/7 shopfront.

While you sleep, your store needs to PULL sales like it’s employee of the month. Don’t leave your business in the hands of an uninvested intern.

Words help convert window shoppers into loyal customers. We do this by attracting our ride-or-dies and by connecting to them through language.

I specialise in helping you find your best angles to show your target audience how you can help them better than the competition. No filter required.

Prices vary per project, but a 5-page website is around $2,500.00 AUD. Click Book Now to send an enquiry.




Complete a copywriting brief on my content page. Then we will communicate about your requirements, audience and overall goals.


We get hatch our plan, set a timeline and get int all in writing. I require a 50% upfront fee based on the quote I provide you.

get to work

You’ll get a first draft, I’ll get your feedback and my fingers aerobicise on the keys. Then we do a second round of revisions.

sign off

You’ll sign off and I’ll send you the final version of your content in a word document.

Well Framed Words

Social Media Templates for Visual Artists

If you’re an artist, you’d probably prefer getting your hands messy instead of staring at a blank cursor on your smartphone screen.

But if you don’t communicate with your audience online, you could miss out on sales and other opportunities.

It would be great if you could afford to hire a full-time copywriter, but if you can’t there is another option.

Coming soon.

Register your interest by signing up to the newsletter in the footer (scroll to the bottom).

You'll love working with me too.

Dannielle C.

“When I saw Dawn’s skull and flowers artwork on Instagram, it took my breath away. I knew I wanted not even a print, but the one she has touched and loved into life. I’d just nursed my father through the end of his life and something in this piece spoke of the fragile beauty of life and death. Death is something rarely spoken of in our society, but I love how this piece balances the beauty of the coexistence of life and death, of impermanence and transition. That, and it’s cool A.F.”

Tania Tan, Clothes Designer and Business Owner Maternity Sale

“Many thanks for your numerous posts featuring our products. You went to an enormous effort to style the items with your unique fashion sense. Thank you also for the detailed stats – I’m sure your blog will continue to grow with your engaging posts and I can imagine we’ll continue to get some traffic flowing through as time goes by.”

Ilter Dumduz, Founder and CEO Blys Massage

This was the second time I worked with Dawn, and it was again a pleasure. Dawn tried our service and wrote a genuine review for it on her blog, and she turned it around pretty quickly. We couldn’t be happier with working with Dawn and the outcome. Her review for Blys Home Massage was spot on, which is evident from the engagement it received from her followers and readers. Would love to work with Dawn again.

Betsy V

“I saw my koala on Dawn’s Instagram and fell in love with the little guy. I’ve followed her artwork for some time and like what she does with color and had been wanting to purchase something…so I was very happy to see the koala.  I was also thrilled I could afford an original piece because the texture is so cool.

When I opened the box and took out the painting, it was like a smile came into the room. To get a koala from Australia (!) was so exciting.

Dawn was great to work with and sent me updates as she worked, which was a great personal touch. I saw him wake up on the canvas and feel very lucky to have watched the process.”

Bella H.

“Your feedback for my resume and cover letter was very professional yet personal. I feel that it created a connection between myself and my potential employer.”

Bondi Chai

A quick note of sincere thanks for the efforts you’ve been making with our product.

It’s always so good to work with someone who actually does what she says  she will do and it’s an even bigger pleasure working with someone who has your enthusiasm and so obviously shares our values.

We’ve worked with a few bloggers over the years, but few get the direct results that we’re already seeing from the recipes you’ve devised and the associated posts. Keep up the great work – and thanks again for your help.

Jennifer D

I came to Dawn for help with writing the perfect cover letter. She nailed it! It was organized very nicely with highlighting who I am, what I am looking for and why the company should consider me for the position! She really has a way with words which makes sense as why she is so successful in her career. Thank you so much for your help!!

Tim & Jen G.

“My wife and I have known Dawn for many years and have always admired her artistic talent. Impressed with her uniqueness and ability to draw upon her extroverted personality, we decided to collaborate with her from the US and commission an original painting. After sharing our vision for the piece, she created a beautiful and vibrant painting — one that we will cherish and display in our home for the rest of our lives.  It was like Christmas when received the rolled up canvas from Melbourne, with a personalized note.  We couldn’t have been happier!  Dawn thoughtfully named the painting “Infusion” to commemorate our personalities and life as a couple. This added personal touch made this experience even more meaningful. We’re looking forward to working with Dawn again for our second DNR original!”

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