Protea Dream

Protea Art

One evening I felt this painting inside me, busting to come out. My skin felt itchy and I was hopping around like kid who needs the potty. I asked my husband to do me a favour and put the kids to bed so I could get some time in the studio to mess around.

I put on some of my favourite 90’s hip hop and danced my way through the painting sesh. I felt joyous and completely in flow. Nothing about this process was dissatisfying.

A few weeks later after messing around with the gold drips, eliminating and adding them, I decided to repaint the leaves a more pea green colour rather than the teal they started off with. It was exactly what the piece needed. It made the gold pop and make sense and it really played off the dusty rose petals. I signed her immediately and made an appointment with the photographer.

Prints are available in my store here or you can come to see the original in March at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2020 as part of our TAM exhibition.

Inspired by artist Kerry Armstrong and her use of a matte black background, here is my version.

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