Your Truth is Golden


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Embrace the radiant worth of authenticity with 'Your Truth is Golden'—a luminous portrayal of speaking one’s truth, as precious and enduring as gold.
Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas

'Your Truth is Golden' is a captivating portrait that eloquently speaks to the priceless nature of authenticity and the rich depths of personal truth. This artwork features a woman whose golden hair cascades like liquid gold, shimmering with the use of actual gold leaf, embodying the preciousness and purity of her inner voice. A single yellow rose, held gently in her mouth, symbolizes friendship, joy, and the courage to speak one's truth, adding layers of meaning to her silent proclamation.

The portrait is a radiant testament to the value of authenticity, inviting viewers to reflect on the beauty and strength found in honest expression. The gold leaf not only adds a tactile richness to the piece but also illuminates the subject's intrinsic worth, suggesting that within each of us lies a treasure as valuable as gold—the truth of who we are.

'Your Truth is Golden' is more than an artistic expression; it is an affirmation of the power of living and speaking authentically. It encourages viewers to embrace their truths, no matter how vulnerable or daunting the act of sharing them might be. In a world that often prizes conformity, this piece stands as a beacon of individuality and self-acceptance, urging us to recognize and celebrate the unique stories we each have to tell.

Through its mesmerizing visual narrative, 'Your Truth is Golden' inspires a journey of self-discovery and the embracing of one's personal narrative as something inherently beautiful, valuable, and, above all, golden.

51cm (h) x 41cm (w) x 3cm (d)

Framed in natural Tasmanian Oak.

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Dawn Rieniets is both a visual artist and brand copywriter. She uses her MA in English, journalism and sales background to craft engaging brand identity copy for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) globally.

Dawn exhibits artwork independently and with groups; Thou Art Mum and Melbourne and Victorian Artists (MAVA). In her online store, you can find original pieces, wall art prints, and other home decor. A few times per year she accepted personalised and sentimental art commissions for clients.

Dawn creates out of her home studio in Wurundjeri country, the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.
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