The Power Ring


Handmade resin ring with real crystal chips. The Power Ring features green aventurine, rose quartz, carnelian crystal, grey quartz and clear quartz.

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This handmade resin ring features a collection of multi-coloured crystal chips. The crystals cast inside include Green Aventure, Rose Quartz, Carnelian Crystal, Grey Quartz and Clear Quartz, Size 10.

Green Aventurine is a green crystal that is used for strength, confidence, happiness and courage. Rose quartz is a pink crystal that represents pure love and is used for attracting love and awakening the heart. Carnelian crystal is a reddish, orange crystal that represents feminine energy, creativity and protection. Quartz comes in a variety of colours, including grey and clear, and is believed to be an energy amplifier.

This collection of crystals makes for a beautiful ring that will help you power up! Handmade with love from the Kangaroo Spotting studio.

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