The Empowerment Ring


Handmade resin ring with real crystal chips. The Empowerment Ring features Carnelian crystals.

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This handmade resin ring features real carnelian crystal chips, size 6.

The carnelian stone is a semi-precious quartz that can range in colours from sleek yellows and oranges to rich reds and browns. The stone has a rich history dating back to Ancient Egypt where it was used for fertility, protection and stimulating courage in ancient warriors. Ancient Egyptians called the crystal “the setting sun” due to the stone’s rich sunset colours. Today, the stone is still used to encourage bravery, passion, protection and love.

This beautiful necklace encapsulates the essence of the qualities of the carnelian crystal and is the perfect gift for any creative soul or celestial lover. Infuse your own magic into this piece – and watch it magnify!

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