Gumnut Blossom Pendant Necklace


Handmade resin necklace with real gumnut blossom, found in nature in Australia.

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This handmade necklace features a precious gumnut blossom fallen from an Australian eucalyptus tree. The gumnut blossom has been cast in crystal clear resin and hung on a 60cm (24 inch) antique bronze belcher chain.

Gumnut blossoms are an iconic aspect of Australian flora and are a vibrant part of the Australian landscape. The eucalyptus trees and gumnut blossoms are also important Australian Natives as they are considered sacred trees in Indigenous Australian Culture.

This Australian Native pendant makes for a unique and one of a kind gift for any nature lover!

Handmade with love from the Kangaroo Spotting studio. All the natural elements in these products are found in and around my home near Melbourne, Australia.

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