7 Ways to Pamper Yourself Without Leaving Home

Many of these suggestions won’t be mind-blowing or original. What I suggest is that by being mindful, attentive and deliberate about each of these ideas.


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To maximise enjoyment of items on this list, take part while children are in bed or in front of the television. Go on already, you deserve it.

Many of these suggestions won’t be mind-blowing or original. What I suggest is that by being mindful, attentive to detail and really deliberate about each of these ideas, it will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

It’s not about spending money to relax but rather to let go during a normal day. To allow yourself time to enjoy simple pleasures. We all get too busy, give too much but if you remember to fill your own cup every once in a while, you’ll be a better version of yourself. And therefore better prepared to help others.

reading nook

Which brings me to my first idea.

1. The Perfect Cuppa

It sounds simple, because it is. This suggestion comes with strict guidelines for maximum enjoy-factor. First, you need to find a place, it can be a comfy nook or a blanket on the grass. Somewhere quiet, away from technology (music excluded). Set it up first, get the details of the setting juuuuust right. Next make your perfect cup of coffee or tea, exactly the way you like it, in your favourite mug. And for the next 15 minutes, sip away while focusing solely on your drink and your environment. You’ll feel ready to tackle the rest of the day.

the perfect cuppa

Need something a little fancier?

2. A Professional Home Pedicure

This is the real deal. I just got the Homedics Footspa with True Heat to try and it's like foot heaven. For the price of two salon pedis, you could own one of these massagers yourself and pamper your peds without stepping outside the house.

Homedics Footspa

Escape! (At home)

3. Read In Bed

Calling all bookworms. Reading in bed is like a vacation. Grab a book or magazine, recline on your pillows, then just lose yourself in the stories or articles. I would recommend a book because magazines just get me thinking about my to-do list, and a good book has the power to transport you. Set an alarm for the added insurance that you can really take that trip in your mind without worrying about forgetting to pick up the kids. 😉


4. Order Dinner

No groceries, no cooking, no dishes, no problem. Make sure you do something nice with all that time you save, like eat dessert in front of the TV. Hey, life's all about balance.

Sink in...

5. Take A Bubble Bath

This one is a no-brainer. Take it a step further and add some lovely essential oils to the bath, and give yourself a full body scrub. You can easily make your own with coconut oil and Epsom salt like in this recipe here.


6. Meditate

This is something I attempt every now and then. It’s a practise people swear by and it’s been proven to help with all sorts of stress related ailments. Give it a try- there are so many different methods and no wrong way to do it. The key is to get still in mind and body. I used an app called Headspace which is great- they offer 10 free meditation lessons.


7. Write It Out

Have you ever tried writing a gratitude list? I have and it’s helped me through some dark times. Journalling does not come naturally to me. Even if your day is so crappy that the best thing about it is that someone held a door open for you and that you got to eat lunch uninterrupted, it forces your brain to start focusing on the more positive experiences in your day to day. It’s an instant mood booster. Start with 5 things per day, if you don’t feel like writing make a mental list.

So there you have it. My twist on your typical ways to pamper yourself without leaving home. Being short on time is no excuse not to treat yourself. All you need is an hour or less and you'll be feeling brand new in no time at all!

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