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  • Are you a new Mother trying to combine your old identity with your new one? 
  • Are you a creative person who is your own worst critic?
  • Do you want to live a happier, more fulfilled life and find the beauty in everyday life?

Well then, Kangaroo Spotting is the place for you.

This blog is a trail of my stories. It’s like a growing, twisty map of my search for authenticity and joy in the foreign lands of parenthood and Australia. I’m chasing my kids, my dreams, and inspiring you to do the same.   – Dawn

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Let’s be real about a few things. This blog is not for everyone but it IS for people who sometimes struggle to remember to search for beauty among the everyday. It’s a place for craft connoisseurs and wannabe artists, for lovers of words and for makers. It’s for anyone who has let that negative inner-critic prevent them from doing something creative, silly or joyous…I learned to muzzle that voice and so can you.

If you like connecting with people by reading personal stories, learning about the creative process, or if you just want to hear about one woman’s attempt to make hers (and your) world a more expressive place, then grab a compass and dive right in.

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This blog started out as a way to write through the rocky, emotional, adjustment period when I moved to Australia for love. It was scary. There were other bloggers who were SO MUCH better than I could ever be. It seemed self-indulgent, writing about my own life (even though I personally devour memoirs on the reg.) I worried that I didn’t have anything worthwhile to share.


And so, the blog sat. Because I was afraid.

I hardly posted at all those first few years and I’ve since deleted most of them. I couldn’t help writing through a filter and it showed… Except maybe for this post, which made a friend of mine cry (warning, it’s not my best writing but it’s raw).


Why Kangaroos?

As a Buffalonian creating a life in Australia, kangaroos have become a metaphor for appreciating things that are easily taken for granted.  It’s all about perspective, if you could only see my husband’s face when he spots a deer! (Kangaroos are way cooler, I mean come on. #pouch).


Then came baby.

In 2013 I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. It’s a mystery how one tiny human could turn my world upside down, shaking it violently, until my pants pockets were completely empty. Everything I thought I knew about myself just tumbled onto the floor. The walls I spent 32 years building around my heart were smashed open so it could expand (but I didn’t know this at the time).

Motherhood is not a journey, it’s a pilgrimage (do not misread that as privilege, though sometimes it’s that as well.)   -Dawn

The first 100% honest post I shared was about admitting to having post natal depression. When I published it, I felt as vulnerable as a newborn. Then the supportive responses flooded in, which lit up some of the darkness, and I began to heal. 
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I also appeared in a heartwarmingly honest video about new motherhood with Medela Australia. They sneakily interviewed my hubby asking him how I am as a mother then made me read it to the camera. Totally cried.

A project that I’m over-the-moon proud of is this National Television campaign with Bupa Health And Care. It’s a beautifully portrayed piece about life after postnatal depression. Read about the whole experience and watch the full-length Ad here.

I’ve also partnered with a rad company called Hello Mamas and sometimes I write for their blog. It’s a Mommy/ Mummy matching site which hooks you up with local, like-minded Mama’s or where you can join in on their online forums. The whole idea is to make Mama’s feel less lonely.

We’re all in this together! was founded by Meg, Julia, and Christa – three very different mamas who each experienced challenges when it came to finding #momfriends. Realizing this was a global problem, we formed a team to create an amazing #app designed to take the stress out of finding local moms, making friends, staying social, and planning playdates. Join the site today – it’s free! Want to be part of our app #beta? Send us a msg!

Posted by Hello Mamas on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My artwork is featured on Australian Designer– a site dedicated to showcasing Australian-made home decor. I also have my own Etsy store where I spruik my creations.

I was 2016 Bupa Blog awards nominee!! A completely humbling and world-rocking nomination.  Read about the results here.

This blog is home to my thoughts on motherhood, travel, identity, and creativity. It’s a legacy for my daughters. A place where I share my process, and the tools I use to remind myself that life is not always about the destination. 

My Home

Melbourne is home where I live with my farm-raised, Aussie husband (whom I met in Malaysia) our half-American daughter Lavinia, and baby girl number two who is currently cooking. Aside from raising a human and doing laundry, I’m always creating. Creating sentences, recipes, artwork, lists, goals, designs, projects, ways to make the world a better place, then…I get distracted and start all over again.


Won’t you join me on this journey? Because it’s nice to know we’re not alone.


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  1. Just been stalking your new Blog Dawn. You have achieved so much amazing stuff. Love your new space and creative vibe. Well done on the PND stuff too !! x

    Posted on June 6, 2016 at 10:58 am
    1. Druime- thank you SO much for checking out the new site! Your feedback means a lot to me. It was a bit of a secret (frustrated) squirrel project- still in the works. Man, WordPress is a learning curve. I’m definitely trying to bring he creativity and the honesty as much as I can. Xoxo

      Posted on June 6, 2016 at 7:43 pm