Cinnamon Boost Green SmoothieBy DawnA bit of cinnamon and vanilla add smooth notes and compliment the coconut milk, to this twist on a traditional green smoothie.
Pumpkin Chai PancakesBy DawnThis healthy breakfast will satisfy the kiddos and fill them with nutritious pumpkin. If you use a non-stick pan you won't have to add a drop of oil. The leftover pancakes are great for school lunches, snacks or tomorrows brekkie!
Apple Pear Sauce With Vanilla And GingerBy DawnSimple, tasty, sugar-free apple/ pear sauce with surprising ginger and vanilla notes that give it a bit of zing. It's great for kiddos if you don't want to feed them the processed stuff.
Healthy Apple Carrot CakeBy DawnLow sugar, no oil, no nuts, a cake that is packed with protein and nutrition. Great for Breakfast, snacks or school lunches.
Lazy Amaze-y QuicheBy DawnQuiche is a good go-to to have in the fridge because it’s high in protein, easy to make and to store. Daytime sustenance for breakfast or lunch.

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