Healthy Apple Carrot CakeBy DawnLow sugar, no oil, no nuts, a cake that is packed with protein and nutrition. Great for Breakfast, snacks or school lunches.
Lazy Amaze-y QuicheBy DawnQuiche is a good go-to to have in the fridge because it’s high in protein, easy to make and to store. Daytime sustenance for breakfast or lunch.
Healthy Veggie LasagneBy DawnPumpkin Puree is a surprising addition to this speedy lasagne that lightens up a family favorite.
Low-Fat Loaded FriesBy DawnThese oven-baked fries use no oil at all and they are crispy and delicious. Perfect when you want to indulge in a healthy way.
Skinny Cauliflower CarbonaraBy DawnA creative way to get more veggies in your life. A white sauce, made from cauliflower, tastes satisfying and won't leave you with that heavy, 'I've been creamed,' feeling.
Summer Lovin’ Ceviche SaladBy DawnDid you know how easy it is to make ceviche? A light and delicious way to get your omega 3's and transport yourself to the Spanish Coast. Might have to serve this with a glass of Albariño!
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