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20.00 pre-sale, 25.00 at the door.

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Abstract Art Workshop For Beginners

June 23. Buffalo. 6:30PM

art workshop

Don’t think you’re creative? You are!

Paint a beautiful, bespoke, abstract artwork that you will be proud to hang in your home.

This is not a cookie cutter class. I will be doing a demo but encouraging you to deviate from my example and forge your own path.

I will to teach you how to lose yourself in paint, and more importantly- how create something that expresses your unique personality in colors that compliment your unique home.

In this fun, relaxed, class I will show you short cuts I’ve learned over the last 25 years: from mixing color to composition to texture and layering. I’ll show you how to trust your instincts with the brush.

For me, painting is a fantastic form of stress relief- my hope is that you walk away from this workshop confident- and with a few new skills! I won’t let you leave unless you are in LOVE with what you’ve painted.


1 20inch x 20 inch square canvas

Drinks and Snacks

Use till your heart’s content:

All paints & brushes

A stand-up, adjustable easel

My knowledge, and individual attention