Let’s Eat


My Food Philosophy

Many of my best meals were invented due to a nearly-empty pantry. The less you have to work with, the more creative you have to be.

Chances are, you’ll have most of these ingredients on hand too. We don’t have time for fancy these days.

I looooove eating and cooking. As a parent, my focus is simple, healthy meals that the entire family can eat. Bonus points if most of it ends up in mouths and not on the floor. 

Food is powerful. It’s how we celebrate, remember, and mark occasions. Cooking, much like story-telling, is a way to pass history down to new generations. It can comfort, heal, reward or even harm if we aren’t too careful.

Everything in moderation.

Diets freak me out as much as religious cults do, so if I overindulge (because french fries) I try to find balance. We do the best we can. 

This is a collection of my own personal recipes, some original, some inspired, to make parenting juuuuuust a little bit easier and to give you some precious nourishment and energy to continue the battle.


Healthy, Minty Shamrock Shake (raw, vegan)

Lunch/ Snacks

Mom’s Chicken Salad (gf)

Apple Sauce with Vanilla and Ginger

Banana, Apple & Carrot Bread (oil free)

Vietnamese Shredded Chicken and Veggie Salad (gf)

Cajun Shrimp Quinoa Bowl (gf)