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Hi, I’m Dawn.

What will you get if you work with me?

My main asset is my reader’s trust and loyalty. You’ll Fewer eyeballs but more hearts with Kangaroo Spotting. I’m a micro-influencer with high engagement which is a fancy way of saying a smallish blog with readers who care.

Depending on the topic you will get honesty, earnestness, playfulness and above all creativity. I started my writing career at a business newspaper, as dull as that sounds, I found interesting topics. I wrote about businessmen who liked pampering, and what happens to a company when the boss goes on a holiday.

Much like selfies, it’s all about finding the right angle.

Any subject will resonate if you strike the right chord. Lately, I’m not into straight-up product reviews but happy to tell a relatable personal story if I think my audience will like the product or service. 

If you think we sound like a match- let’s do this!

Want To Check Out Some Examples?

  • This one is a comical product review and this one is a recipe I developed which got accepted to Foodgawker (a recipe search engine).
  • Two companies I wrote about because I think they rock are here and here.
  • This post is a personal story, sponsored by Bupa.

Services Offered

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Recipe Development
  • Original Photography (including product photos)
  • Social Media Management and promotion
  • Design
  • SEO
  • Campaign Success Tracking
  • Analytics & Reporting


Bondi Chai

 “A quick note of sincere thanks for the efforts you’ve been making with our product.

It’s always so good to work with someone who actually does what she says  she will do and it’s an even bigger pleasure working with someone who has your enthusiasm and so obviously shares our values.

We’ve worked with a few bloggers over the years, but few get the direct results that we’re already seeing from the recipes you’ve devised and the associated posts. Keep up the great work – and thanks again for your help.”

Blys Massage

“This was the second time I worked with Dawn, and it was again a pleasure. Dawn tried our service and wrote a genuine review for it on her blog, and she turned it around pretty quickly. We couldn’t be happier with working with Dawn and the outcome. Her review for Blys Home Massage was spot on, which is evident from the engagement it received from her followers and readers. Would love to work with Dawn again.” Ilter Dumduz, Founder and CEO

Maternity Sale

“Many thanks for your numerous posts featuring our products. You went to an enormous effort to style the items with your unique fashion sense. Thank you also for the detailed stats – I’m sure your blog will continue to grow with your engaging posts and I can imagine we’ll continue to get some traffic flowing through as time goes by.” Tania Tan, Clothes Designer and Business Owner


My favourite part about partnerships is when they lead to lasting relationships- and I love when they lead to other unexpected opportunities! Obviously, it has to work both ways so you should be as picky about me as I am about you!

Long-term partnerships tend to benefit brands better as they have higher engagement and more results, however, I am open to quickie reviews or ‘one-time’ arrangements.

A few examples of videos and articles:

  • On The Bupa Blue Room Blog: A piece about post natal depression and a National television ad.
  • A video and Article with Medela Australia on the importance of a support network for mothers.

I wrote a series for Hello Mama’s Blog. HM’s is an organisation that connects isolated Mothers in the form of face to face meet-ups and online forums.

Transparency & Disclosure

I’m a blogger who writes from the heart. To remain trustworthy I always disclose sponsorship at the beginning of a sponsored post or on social media.

Email me for a copy of my Media Kit.

Brands I’ve Worked with