Dawn Lavinia Paints

What began as an ever-growing, twisty record of one woman’s search for authenticity, meaning and connection, Kangaroo Spotting has become a place of inspiration for new mothers, women and closeted creatives.

An American expat in Australia, Dawn struggled to smoosh motherhood into her already complex identity but that didn’t stop her looking for bliss (and kangaroos) even without a map.

This particular road lead to a dormant love for acrylic paint which ultimately helped Dawn heal from post natal depression.

She lives with her farm-raised Aussie husband (whom she met in Malaysia) and half-American baby girl. Aside from raising a human and doing laundry, she’s always creating. Creating sentences, recipes, artwork, lists, goals, designs, DIY projects, anything to keep the muses at home and the smiles plentiful.

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