Slow Cooker Fig Paste, so easy to make and absolutely decadent on any cheese platter, on toast or even over vanilla Ice Cream! You can’t screw it up.

All you need are 12 figs, jam setting sugar, and a slow cooker.

Our neighbors have a crazy-ginormous fig tree that spills over onto our side of the fence. This year the yield is out of control. We’ve had to net both sides to keep the fruit bats and possums from feasting all night long.

Until we moved into our house I had never eaten a fresh fig. The sweetness and complex taste is something I couldn’t have imagined (Fig Newton Cookies have lied). Once you pick them though, they don’t last long. I’ve been eating figs whole, putting them on oatmeal, in smoothies in cakes but wanted to do something with a big batch- thus my hunt for a paste recipe.


Fig Fail

This recipe failed due to user error (nothing wrong with the recipe itself). It’s done on the stovetop and I overcooked the paste so badly that it was like cement when it cooled. I’ll take full responsibility for being a jam/ paste making novice. Also, I may or may not have have been snuggling with my daughter on the couch while watching Moana and smelling it burn. (One of those rare moments when she was nice and still and cuddly. It was totally worth the waste). Thus, our first batch had to be sacrificed. Kinda worth it.

To prevent another figgy-misfortune, I saught a crockpot recipe online with no luck. I’m pleased to report my experiment with the slow cooker went surprisingly well!

Slow Cooker Fig Paste

All you need for figgy goodness

Foolproof Fig Paste in the Slow Cooker

All you need are two ingredients and a crockpot!


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  • 500 grams Jam Setting Sugar
  • 12 Fresh Figs


  1. Peel figs and puree (I used a stick mixer right in the crockpot itself).
  2. Add Jam Setting Sugar and mix well.
  3. If your crockpot has a sear setting, turn it on while you mix ingredients together, if not, skip this step or do it in a pot on the stove.
  4. Slow Cook on low and make sure to stir occasionally in the first few hours.
  5. Once finished, scoop fig paste into greased bowls (I used coconut oil cooking spray) or little jars and place in the fridge.

Author: dawnrieniets

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