This month’s theme is light. Rachel from Sesame Ellis is getting us to look at how and what we photograph before getting into the more technical lessons (past month themes have been perspective and beginnings). This is such a fun and pressure-free way to enter into this year-long photography project.

I’ve started keeping my camera in the kitchen for easy access and it’s a big help when inspiration strikes.

Most of these shots are ‘boring,’ everyday life (and how I’m looking to turn boring into beauty). One morning while my daughter woke earlier than usual, I saw this stream of light beaming through our back door, striking a vintage oil lamp. It seemed cliche but also the perfect place to start. The lamp photo was the first shot of this series.

I’d love to get to the stage where I could create moody images that are only partially lit but I need to work on getting more comfortable with the manual settings. Most of these are just shot on aperture priority or no flash- tried to let the light do the work for me. This month I paid particular attention to the light outside.

Shot with Cannon 70D. Edited in PicMonkey.


The shot below was too perfect to miss but unfortunately, I only had my iPhone, next to the bed (my daily wake-up call) and I knew she would only be there for a few seconds. Edited in VCSO app.

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