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I’ve been a probiotics user for years. Recently I’ve been checking out different brands to compare benefits.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or an expert. This is simply my experience with my own personal probiotic use.

Warning: Bodily functions discussed. Okay, now down to business.

I shout about mental health from the rooftops and about how I’ve overcome challenges with postnatal depression and anxiety. I’m a firm believer that our physical health is directly correlated to our mental wellbeing. For example get this- These days my main reason for going to the gym is for stress relief. When I don’t get there often enough I feel a dip in my mood.

Taking a holistic approach to overall health has always been part of my life, starting with a Chiropractor for a Father. Without going overboard on any one ‘fix’ or fad, I try methods that make me feel healthier, feel more energetic and stay in a positive mind-frame.

This Spring I was unlucky enough to have a sinus infection which required two rounds of antibiotics. Typically I avoid anti’s but when I can’t, I reach for probiotics…which got me thinking about all the other times I reach for them too.

1. When I’m on Antibiotics

Ladies- you all know what happens if you don’t use probiotics along with antibiotics right? If not I’ll spell it out for you T.H.R.U.S.H. Trust me on this.

2. When I have an Upset Stomach

Sometimes the tummy feels ‘off.’ Maybe I’ve been eating junk or sugar because I’m tired. Probiotics are the first thing I reach for when I decide to get my body and tummy back on track.

3. When Depression Creeps In

Lot’s of studies have linked poor gut health to depression (and other ailments) so when I start feeling down I start popping probiotics.

4. When Energy is Low

I think this is somehow linked to my point above. But you know that low energy feeling? Yup, I grab a bottle when that happens too.

5. When I’m Hung Over

This is absolutely a situation where you need all the good bacteria firing on all cylinders. Goes hand in hand with rehydration.

6. When Kid Germs Come Home

I also up my vitamin game when this happens (which is often). I like that Life-Space has infant and toddler probiotics- their main draw for me, other than effectiveness, is that they have different probiotics for different age groups. I’ve given them to my daughter when she is sick or has a tummy-upset.

7. When I Travel

Traveling can stop you up or run a river through your intestinal tract (poop!) I find probiotics help keep me ‘regular’ when on the road (or plane). I forgot to pack them on my recent trip to Queensland and oh how I paid for it. Keep some in your pillbox. Life-Space Probiotics don’t need to be refrigerated.

You’re supposed to take probiotics daily and sheesh- after looking at this list you may as well because it covers A LOT. Take care of your TUM by giving probiotics a try.

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