WTF even is this toy? A beanie baby on acid?

I have the unique situation of having a whole entire day to myself because my daughter is spending the weekend with her Grandparents. Today is Friday, husband is at the office and I’m here alone which is the awesomest, strangest feeling.

Here is a fascinating overview of how my day is different today because of freedom.

Today: Alarm is set for the same time tiny human alarm usually bursts through the bedroom door demanding things and food and entertainment.

Difference: No need to give human alarm mobile phone to play Peppa Pig Apps while I procrastinate getting out of bed.

Today: Start checking emails and respond to a few things before I realise I’m starving.

Difference: None.

Today: Shovel-in some toast, a hardboiled egg and continue uninterrupted writing, editing, responding.

Difference: I don’t have to feed or clean-up after anyone except myself.

Today: 2:30PM, starving (again) and losing my train of thought because I forgot to eat lunch.

Difference: None.

Today: Make a healthy smoothie with many green things so I don’t have to eat a salad at dinner.

Difference: Don’t have a little person ‘helping’ me make the smoothie and spilling contents all over countertops and floor.

Today: 3:30PM start to smell myself and try to remember the last time I showered.

Difference: None- except I get to bathe in peace.

Today: Try to remember if I brushed my teeth.

Difference: If my daughter were here we would gag over one another’s morning breath and would have remembered to brush our teeth.

Today: 4:30PM have not left the house once.

Difference: No guilt about that whatsoever.

Ginormous Conclusion

I was able to write a month’s worth of posts in one day but otherwise my day was basically the same- In case I ever wondered what life would be like without kids- not that I would ever do that.  

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2 thoughts on “Spending The Day as a Writer VS Spending the Day as a Mum

  1. Ha! Sounds like a good day! Very organized getting all of those posts written, good for you!

    Posted on October 29, 2016 at 2:50 am
    1. It was wonderful. I do miss the little cherub but I’ll survive. <3

      Posted on October 29, 2016 at 3:14 am