I promise I’ll stop banging on about this soon… Stay with me.

If you haven’t been privy to me bleating about this from the social media hilltops come closer…my little blog Kangaroo Spotting is a Bupa Blog Awards 2016 Finalist!!!!! Pshaw! Can you believe it? Neither can I.

Backstory-I used a service that my healthcare provider, Bupa, offered me after I had my daughter, The Parent and Baby Wellbeing Program. It helps new Mums deal with postnatal depression and anxiety.

Bupa contacted my therapist to see if she had any clients willing to speak out and be the face of the program in a National ad campaign. Since she knew I was already blogging (and open) about the whole thing she asked me. I said yes. #putaringonit

I already told most of my family and friends about PND/ anxiety but to let it fly on a National scale was incredibly empowering- and frightening. Which is how my itty bitty blog itched it’s way onto the Bupa Blue Room (the Bupa Blog) radar. I wrote a piece for The Blue Room and have been involved in their community of bloggers ever since.

Award time. I nominated my own blog, cuz why not? Out of 600 nominations, 30 of us were chosen as finalists (mind=blown). Being a finalist brings incredible opportunities for free training, workshops & events with bloggers I look up to- so in a way I’ve already won. 

But…there is one thing I would like to ask of you. Sooooo there’s this people’s choice award…..

If you could puh-lease vote for Kangaroo Spotting I would be forever grateful. I will enter your dreams with a bottomless glass of Chardonnay and make sure you wake up without a hangover. What other blogger can offer that?? Don’t like Chardonnay? No worries. More for me.

Why do I want to win so badly? There is a cash prize at stake that I want to invest (slash have already spent in my mind) in web design to make the user experience even better on my website. I want to make the blog better for you! Aren’t I nice?

It’s a long shot for me, I’m truly the underdog in this competition as I’m still a bit small but you gotta be innit to winnit. KnowwhatImean?? My Mom told me good things come in small packages.

If you could pretty please click here and vote for Kangaroo Spotting (in the families category) I would be so stinkin’ grateful. You don’t even know.

I could go on, and on about how much I love this blog and how it’s changed my life but I may just bore you to tears. Let’s just get back to talking about the struggles of parenting, the inspiration behind creativity and the business of living a fullfilled existence- like the whole reason you visit my blog in the first place. #importantstuff

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Love youse guys.



WOoOOoo HooooOOOOoooOOO Kangaroo!


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2 thoughts on “Vote For Pedro

  1. I did attempt to vote for your blog when you first mentioned it. However, it looked like the only way I could vote was through my Facebook account, and I don’t have a FB account. I sent an e-mail to the Bupa Blog Awards asking how I could vote for you without a FB acct and, sadly, they replied that was the only way. So I did vote for you in spirit. Your blog is already a winner in my book, but I know you’d like to win for real, so GOOD LUCK! And everybody on FB–vote for Dawno!

    Posted on August 22, 2016 at 12:39 pm
    1. Thank you so much- that is above and beyond and so sweet of you! Unfortunately the contest is connected to Facebook I suspect so they can track everything. I really appreciate the effort you went to- even sending Bupa an email! This contest is awesome but having a dedicated reader like yourself is the best prize of all. I know I sound like a cheese ball but I mean it. xoxo

      Posted on August 22, 2016 at 11:49 pm