Dreambaby ® asked me if I wanted to review some products so I selected a few I thought I would use in everyday life. Spoiler alert: I loved them.

I am your typical over-packer. I was always the girl carrying a handbag twice her size, kind of like a little, brunette ant. Imagine then, what happened when I became a Mother.

If you can’t, just take that handbag visual, add a baby, plus equipment, plus snacks, plus entertainment. I was carrying enough for a small ant family to set up camp for a week.

This is why I’m a sucker for any gadget that can streamline my life.

Now that my daughter is out of the baby stage and into toddler territory, she can walk most places. I still drag the pram along with us where ever we go because it’s kind of my metal and canvas version of a handbag.

Seriously. I stuff everything into it, under it, ontop of it. When nothing else fits- we go home. #issues

The pram can fit so many things- and really it’s my way of delaying the inevitable.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.59.37 PM.png
This will be me someday: Image Source

Prams make great handbags, they really do. We have real problems however when the toddler actually wants to get back INTO the pram after it’s jammed full of bags.

Enter…..Dreambaby ® with it’s simple, inexpensive, clips and hooks for added hanging storage. I’ve been using these for the past few weeks now and I still get so excited when I remember I have one on me. (I started keeping one in the pram at all times).

Pro tip: Keep one in the pram, one in the car, and one in the nappy bag. You can buy several of them because they are ‘cheap and cheerful.’ Do it.

You can afford all dese.

Such a savvy pram…and Mum.

There is even one with a combination lock incase you need to lock things to other things!

Meanwhile at the supermarket….

Apparently there are some occasions when a trolley is unavoidable.

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The list of uses for these things does not stop with everyday shopping. I just flew 24 hours with my almost-three-year-old from Melbourne to New York and I had these clips with me. Viola!

Never enough room on these airport carts. Problem solved.

It’s not the flight which is challenging but the ability to carry all the stuff you need, plus at some point a tired kid.

So I have to give these Dreambaby ® Clips and Clip Buddies a big, double thumbs up. And I can do that….because my hands are free.

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5 thoughts on “Streamline Your Pram, Baglady

  1. To this day I miss our pram. My youngest ‘baby’ is eight, so it’s been a while since I had the luxury of pushing my kids along at the pace I want them to go! And bag holder. So much bag holding. I should probably graduate to the wheely trolley, but I can’t quite get there. There must be a pramesque alternative for those “mid-years” between young kids and senility?

    Posted on June 24, 2016 at 12:08 am
    1. What a great idea for an invention!! Something massive that we can haul all our crap plus our kids but which isn’t for old ladies….oh man, this is sounding like minivan territory. Sigh.

      Posted on July 1, 2016 at 8:42 pm
  2. Thanks for the heads up- my site was down for an hour last night but should be back up and running now. Cheers!

    Posted on August 31, 2016 at 11:22 pm