I’m not trying to jump on the Bowie bandwagon here. I just had a conversation Friday night about how I don’t find him attractive (and now I feel a teeny-bit bad about it).

It’s just that I think David Bowie has been only a subconscious part of my life’s soundtrack. I am a self-researched music aficionado. I didn’t have hippy parents or older siblings who introduced me to him. My first CD was The Bodyguard soundtrack followed by Mariah Carey’s. I didn’t discover the Beatles until my teen years and didn’t listen to Queen until College.

When I heard the news of Bowie’s death I could not help but recognize his invaluable contributions to music, pop culture and sexuality. He was a talented, influential artist who loved the crap outta his wife and family. By all accounts a really good dude and roll model.

And it’s not that I don’t like him or his music- it’s just that I never latched onto him. I do realize that many of my beloved 90’s rappers paid homage as they rhymed over his beats (Ice Ice Baby much?) Without Bowie- there would be no P Diddy.

Like most music lovers (aka everyone) I felt the collective sadness over his passing. Then this morning I learned that in his last few months of life he had been working on an album. I could not stop thinking about that. This song was released two days before he died:

Most people had no idea he was sick. He didn’t announce it asking for prayers or attention. Money could not save him. So he did what any artist does. He created. Any background respect I had for David Bowie has turned to direct admiration. In his last moments he did what made him happy, without ever giving up.

I read somewhere that the new album is a goodbye to his fans but I would bet it’s much more than that. It’s immortality.

When we die all we leave behind is what we’ve created. When our time is up possessions will be scattered, donated or trashed. The only thing left is our performance.
If you want to live an authentic life, to be happy and to be fulfilled- just take a look at the legacy of Mr. David Bowie.

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