First of all, Thank You.

This has been an incredible year of growth both for myself and for this little blog of mine.
It started out as an ex-pat blog about ‘life as an American settling in Melbourne’ (thus the clever name) but at the time I was unsure how to write without a filter it all felt forced. I lost interest, Kangaroo Spotting sat neglected that is, until my daughter was born….
….which happened to be when my world turned upside. The blog became a place where I could sort out my feelings on the keyboard. I could have done this in a journal, yes, but I needed accountability. I put it alllllll out there, skeletons and granny panties and all. 

I completely lost what I thought of as dignity but really it was just a wall (a flimsy one at that). So there I was not only upside down but inside out as well.
And what did that mean? Time to rebuild. 

 You know what gave me the strength to do so? You.

I’ve had incredible messages of support from so many of you since my very first REAL post. And even if you haven’t reached out with a note I know you’re there (Google Analytics tells me so) in silent support! 

As a bonus I’ve even made NEW incredible friends, readers, bloggers, artists and writers who continue to inspire and keep me company in my virtual world (and in real life.)
So thank you. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me (sorry about all the sap I just had to get it out) now let’s go have a Chardonnay.
Wishes of Love, Authenticity and Joy for you in 2016.

Here’s the list- see if you are as surprised as I am at the results.

Kangaroo Spotting’s Top Ten Posts of 2015

1. I’m Breaking Up with my Bump 
I’m shocked this was number one…maybe people thought I was getting divorced? No way Jose.

2. How to Support Someone who Lost a Child when you Haven’t  
This piece was extremely personal and I’m glad it got exposure.

3. Chosing a Baby Name Can be a Royal Pain 
A really fun(ny) one.

4. Laila & Spot 
I can’t say enough about how awesome this company is!

5. What’s your Mom Style
Everyone loves a makeover…at least I do.

6. How I’m starting to feel better
An early post about how I started progressing through post natal depression.

7.  1 + 4 = Life: Change
Heavy and personal, about loss. A little bit poetic.

8. I went on a Trip without my Daughter and didn’t Miss Her
Three nights in Nashville!

9. How to Prepare for an International Flight with a Toddler
Everyone knows someone who needs these sanity saving tips!

10. 1 + 4 = Life: Homeward 
Feeling like myself again, I got to visit home.


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