Need more of this in my life

I went to my GP yesterday and got a surprising suggestion.

“You need to make more time for yourself.”

Who Me? The thing I preach about constantly to my other Mom-friends?

Self care is essential. Your cup needs to be full in order to help others or even just to survive in the parenting world. Why is this so much easier in theory than in practice?

I think for me, it’s because my work does not really feel like work anymore. I’ve started so many projects and they are zapping up every moment of my spare time. Still so much to learn that I don’t want to waste one second.

In the past I was gagging to have a break from work and these days I think I’m going to have to start reminding myself to do so. What a huge mental shift.

My new little business is in the construction phase. There is so much more happening behind the scenes (and not enough time) so many more things I want to share (but need to be completed)!

Know how experts say that you can’t wait until you ‘have more time’ to start something because it never actually happens that way? (I swear I read that somewhere and it’s true). You know, just that magic time in your life when the calendar clears simultaneously, the chorus of muses sing, motivation is off the chain and your energy set to a constant ‘first cup of coffee’ level…Obviously this is why those experts say you need to start now…because that will never happen.

Once I made the decision to ignore my fear (as if it were a whining toddler) and follow my passion everything keeps building.

To anyone out there thinking about starting their own thing or even just exploring a new interest I say:

No time like the present!

Where would you be in one year if you started today?

Do it, do it, do it.

Best. Thing. Ever.

(But just remember to take care of yourself along the way)

I want to inspire other people to do this!

The holiday break is almost here. After today Matt will home for almost three weeks. I’m already fantasizing about a Hemmingway-esque writing retreat in the woods…only mine would have to be on the beach…which would mean hardly any writing would get done. Because beach.

Okay Doc. I’ll take your suggestion and also self-prescribe a Corona and a good book.

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