Last night I went to go see Oprah in Melbourne. My lovely girlfriend had tickets through work. We had no idea what was all going to be about but I didn’t care. I loved her. Oprah. And my friend too.

I’ve been a fan of Oprah for many years. I even met her once thanks to my lovely boss-at-the-time, Patti Novak, who was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I jokingly describe that moment backstage as ‘Oprah looked through my eyes and into my soul’ but seriously- when she shook my hand (I can’t even remember what she said) it was not some obligatory PR moment. She was present. She looked AT me. Something about her is so authentic, so powerful and so purposeful. (I’m not being objective here, I already told you I love her.)
She loves Australia

And look, she’s just a human being like you or me but she’s lived an incredible life. From a dirt road in Mississippi to friggin’ OPRAH Winfrey, billionaire. Last night she shared with us just HOW she was able to do that. A lot of it came back to how she paid attention to all the people she’s met over the years…which is what I felt when she met me! (Unfortunately at the time as a 26-year-old matchmakers apprentice I did not have much to offer).

In all her glorious unicorn wisdom, these were a few golden droplets I wrote down. Initially I intended on keeping them to myself but in the spirit of Oprah’s message last night- I think it’s better to share.

Look, it was a little bit self-help guru, a little bit spiritual, a whole-lotta-Oprah and it was riveting. Some people may have been rolling eyes but I was taking notes. If she starts a cult- sign me up. I drank the Kool-Aid. I’m in.

Honor the curiosity
She was talking about how to find your purpose- how to find happiness in your life. She said your curiosity will take you there. Do the things you are curious about whether it’s how to take a good photograph, to how to write a novel to how to start a business.
Your calling is your offering to the world
If you start thinking about how to offer your calling or purpose to the world, it will completely change your approach. She said that our calling is not something we are meant to keep to ourselves.
You can only do that if you are listing to spirit
This is a big one. You have to get in touch with your inner voice. Call it God, the Universe, Spirit, whatever- it’s the thing that guides us and we can only hear it when we are still.
You can’t hear your spirit if the voices of the world are drowning it out
I love this one. She used the example of when you’re sure of something- no one can tell you otherwise. But when we are unsure of something we tend to ask anyone for an opinion. Better to get in touch with yourself for guidance. Which brings me to the next point.
When you don’t know what to do, get still, until you do
Oprah goes into her yard, under her trees (that she once paid someone to count because when she was little trees represented wealth) and she meditates. She gets as quiet as possible so she can hear her inner voice.
Use your personality to serve your soul
If you are using your personality to serve your soul’s desire, no one can touch you because you are the definition of authenticity. 
The whole point of having a purpose is to service other people
She spoke of Dr. Martin Luther Kind Jr when he said Not everyone can be famous but everyone can have greatness through service. How true is that?
Effect follows intention
Intention is a big one she said. Every decision we make, every moment of every day is filled with intention. We must be conscious of it.
Say no
This is a big one I am starting to work on. It’s important to say no at the right times.
And Parents: You are only able to manage your children for a short while, then you are merely a consultant. 
I agree with this one completely.
Failure is a detour on the road to success. 
A nice way to look at it don’t you think?

So yeah. These are the things I jotted down while the rest of me intentionally stayed present. I left inspired and even had my first test of my new resolve the moment I got into a cab to head home.

The driver started playing Adele from a playlist (it got my attention) then he asked me what I did for a living (the test). I almost passed when I said, “an artist and a writer,” so far so good but then added the self-conscious, “well, at least I’m trying to be.” He sounded impressed which surprised me.
We ended up having the most incredible, honest conversation. About travel, life, being an ex-pat, getting a masters degree, relationships, risk and sacrifice. Pretty heavy for a 30 minute ride huh? It was past my bedtime but I was brimming with Oprah wisdom!
I am an incredibly fortunate person and for that my gratitude abounds. And just like Oprah, like you, like anyone; I am the master of my fate. And I am ready to take-on that responsibility.
Did you see the show? Would you want to?

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