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I went to this rad Bloggers Brunch hosted by Kids Business Communications two Fridays ago. The networking was meaningful, the sponsors relevant and the speakers inspiring- it was such a worthwhile morning and afternoon! I even ended up on the news last night. How cool is that?

 I just wanted to share some tips from Kate Christie about time management (she’s an expert on the subject who specializes in working with business women age 30-55 who struggle to balance work and family.) This is definitely an area in my life that constantly needs tweaking. Especially now that I officially work from home, for myself. I’m the only one who can take responsibility for my own productivity.

Kate’s Time Management Tips

1. Start using the word no. 
How simple and glorious is that? Take this first tip and use it as your permission slip. Stop over-committing. Right now. Stop it.
2. Ask yourself- “Is this the best use of my time?”
No quicker way to snap out of a distraction or social media time suck than to have this one on loop in the back of your mind.
3. Think of time as money.
No really. We’ve all heard this one before but sit down an calculate your hourly rate. Then see tip number two.
4. Family is a team sport.
I like this one because I tend to think of my family as a business (when I’m feeling logical as opposed to romantic which happens only about 1.5% of the time because I’m a sap). Everyone on the team brings different skill sets to the group so why not play the position you know best? Time, attention and money may not be distributed evenly at all times but one person’s win is everyone’s win. Don’t forget to celebrate your victories together (which is why I keep champagne in the fridge always).
5. Have a don’t do it list.
Kate gave the example of going grocery shopping in rush hour traffic. Seems reasonable, right? For myself I would add- don’t look at the phone first thing in the morning. As parents our time is limited so try not to fall into common traps which can end up wasting time.

Thanks Kate, for your deceptively simple words of wisdom. 

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2 thoughts on “Five Ways To Improve Your Time Management

  1. Tee hee – that's why I keep champagne in the fridge at all times – LOVE IT. Love that you were on the news, representing bloggers everywhere!

    Posted on November 23, 2015 at 9:58 am
  2. There's always an excuse for bubbles…even if it only happens to be because it's a Thursday 😉

    Posted on November 23, 2015 at 10:30 pm