I grew up in sports-obsessed Buffalo, New York so I understand what it’s like for a town to go into shut-down-mode for a football. Australia wins because today is a public holiday dedicated entirely to tomorrows Footy (Australian rules football) Grand Finale. #theirsuperbowl
Last night really felt like a Friday but you didn’t find me celebrating with Chardonnay in hand. Nope. I did my best to stick to my healthy guns. I did have a teeny-tiny slip up when I made some microwave nachos at 9:30PM. I was CRAVING salt and still hungry after dinner (Green curry over cauliflower rice) and I caved. Simple as that. A few tortilla chips with cheese- nuked, then topped with fresh tomato, avocado, homemade hummus and Greek Yoghurt (could be worse). They tasted amazing in case you’re wondering.
Then this morning I overslept for pump class. And it put me in an odd mood. I felt kind of emotional but for no apparent reason (surely it can’t be the nachos…can it?)
Lucky for me, my supportive husband suggested I head to the gym anyway. Everything in me resisted but I went. And it did make me feel slightly better. Sometimes I think it’s easier to stick to my goals when I’m in a routine. Geez I sound almost ungrateful for a long weekend- when that’s definitely not the case.
Could be homesickness creeping in- who knows? It’s one thing to have a reason to feel flat but to have no reason- that irritates me. I do feel pretty great physically after a week of working on my fitness. My fave Mommy-sweatpants are feeling loose around my middle (maybe they just need a wash) but I swear, the bloat I had been carrying around is gone.
One thing I recognized is that it’s so easy for me to ignore the small, unhealthy choices I make in a given day. A diet coke here, a few chocolates there, some salty chips….It really does add up. I’ve said it before- I’m not a diet person. I don’t believe in diets and I don’t think they work. However I do believe in making lifestyle changes. I just need to pay more attention to my undercover snacking.
The lesson I’m taking away from this week is this: Be conscientious of the little choices- they add up. And scheduling work outs with my gym buddy or with child care makes it more likely that I’ll show up. It’s not enough to rely on motivation alone sometimes.
Tomorrow I’ll round everything out with a Skype session with my homeopath. Talking to her is always therapeutic and hopefully after she prescribes me a remedy I’ll feel brand new.

I have to be honest when I say that I’m really looking forward to some Chardonnay tomorrow- sports are a great excuse for some day drinks. Happy Grand Finale everyone!

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