This morning I hosted Mums Group so you could say I exercised my social muscles (tee hee).
When the girls were here I almost successfully avoided all naughty treats except for two tiny little oat ball cookie thingies which were mildly healthy as far as cookies go. After they left I was craving diet coke in a big way but drank a glass of water instead #healthy choices.
I felt a little blah when I woke up today which is definitely better than the monster headache I had last night. I think it was a combo of sore muscles and detoxing.

I still couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for my exercise- I needed to try and work something in around Vin’s nap and my bang trim in the afternoon.

Welp, what I decided to do was make myself feel better from the outside. This week has been busy so I felt gross and in need of some maintenance. I took a bubble bath, shaved, plucked, removed old, chipped nail-polish and painted my nails. Then I got my bangs cut and basically felt like a fresher version of myself.
When Lavinia took her nap I did a meditation in the sun which made me feel more relaxed. 
Sometimes a little pampering can be incredibly beneficial to our health because it’s practicing self-care. We need to show ourselves a little love- often! Some things (like showering) as Moms know tend to get neglected in the hustle and bustle. Don’t forget to make time for the small things. Or if you do- do them all at once like I did.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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