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Doing a post per day makes these challenges busier for me, but also allows me to actively concentrate and analyze what I’m trying to achieve and how I’m feeling about it.

As a result I would recommend that if you take-on this challenge definitely keep a diary. Try not to feel self-conscious about it- only you have to read it. Throw it away afterward if you want to, just write things down. Putting your ideas, goals, and emotions down in black and white will not only allow you to see your progress it also gives you accountability- even if it’s only to yourself (and who is more important really?)

Yesterday afternoon was a struggle. I felt really hungry before dinner and I wanted to grab the easiest thing- leftover candy from a kiddie party. I only crave crap like that when I cut down on sugar (want whatcha can’t have much?) I had a dip in energy but after my lovely healthy dinner I felt better! Usually in the evenings I retreat into a mute blob on the couch but I found myself doing a few extra chores and getting ready for the next day. I even felt like having a conversation with my husband! Lucky him!

Check out the yummy baked fish parcel I made!
Today I had a dental appointment and somehow tricked myself into going to the gym beforehand (that accountability thing) by telling myself I could use the steam room afterward.  No time for steam but I now have an impressive three day in a row gym streak.

And another interesting thing happened. Since I had my daughter my periods have been far apart- like 30-31 days when I’m typically a 28-day-girl. I got my period today- right on time. Coincidence? I think not. It’s amazing what regular exercise and eating healthy can do for your body in just a FEW DAYS. My sinuses even feel better.
Make the decision to try this now. If I can do it with zero prep work and leaving my schedule the same you can too! All I have done is add a daily work out, clean eating (no processed foods), and writing about it to each day. It’s a little more time consuming but I actually have the energy to cope with it. And I’m in a better mood!


Happy Wednesday- we over the hump! x

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