Monday- the first day of my week long challenge to pep-up my health. Have I set myself up for a successful week by taking it easy over the weekend? Of course not. There were birthday parties, drinks, lots of food and zero exercise.
The result- I felt fatigued, dry and squishy first thing. The upside is that I will have a stark contrast against how I felt today and how I hope to feel by the end of the week.
Even if my body was struggling, my head was in a positive space. I’m looking forward to tackling the goals set for myself.
Today I hit the gym with a friend from my Mums group. She recently joined and I can tell you, there is nothing like a gym buddy to help with motivation- or lack of cancellation! We took a weights class and I felt better for it. I’m planning on at least two other gym days this week to keep up the momentum.
The other big thing I wanted to take on today is a meal plan. I aim make healthy, whole, clean foods this week. My aim is to stay away from things in packages- even making my own condiments, dressings and sauces. It will be a challenge and I’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen but I’m sure it will make a difference to my digestive system. So far today I’m not even close to achieving this. I ate decently and managed to avoid the leftover sweets from Lavinia’s birthday party but haven’t had a chance to plan or shop. It’s late now so I’ll have to hit the supermarket tomorrow with a list. #foodgameweak
The other thing I’m struggling with today is congestion. It’s been lingering off and on for months which very unusual for me. Today it’s taken on an epic plug- it almost feels like I’m suffocating and I’ve tried everything I can think of without resorting to taking meds or nasal spray. It’s frustrating and I’m over it. 
Went to the gym and booked in for two other days this week.
Achieved a guest post deadline
Avoided sugar and junk (except for the little raw sugar in my coffee)
Work on:
Meal plan for the rest of the week
Get this congestion to clear up
Today didn’t go perfectly but I want to see how a challenge like #mindbodyweek can fit into real-life. No preparation involved, just one week, one health-related goal per day day and the accountability of a blog to stick to it (blog not required).

It’s just the beginning.

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