I have been mentally collecting some of the cute pregnancy/ gender/ new sibling announcements that I’ve seen lately and I wanted to share my favorites with you.
Note: I’ve specifically selected ones that don’t look like they require a team of stylists- which means they could be re-created with ease!
The one of the things I learned with my first pregnancy, along with what ‘Babymoon’ means, is that new parents are pressured to come up with cute, clever and unique ways to announce the pregnancy on social media.
To tell you the truth I was kindofalittlebit excited about it. Because I’m an expat I share a lot, A LOT, on social media- it keeps me connected to my friends and family in America (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). #lovesocialmedia #overshare

In the early weeks, once I told everyone I wanted to tell in person via Skype or email, I was ready to blast the message out to my wider Facebook community. I wanted to do it in a way that didn’t feel forced or cheesy.
After scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to tell the world I was ‘up the duff’ (as they affectionately say here in Australia) I couldn’t find exactly the right image. A few of the examples made me tear up (hormones!) and others were way too complicated and time consuming for my tired, newly-peggi butt. 

When I was enjoying some alone time at our local pool inspiration struck and this was the photo I shared on my timeline:

Wow, my nails AND toes are done and legs shaved….I was not yet a Mother.
Simple, honest and not too staged. Happy I was with all the kind messages and congratulations. <3
I’m kiiiiiiind of a control freak so I needed to know the gender of my baby. Keeping that a surprise was never even an option for me. When I found out I was having a girl (the best moment of my life to that point) I was even more siked to share the good news. As you will see in my list below, I really dig the shoe pics, so naturally I went with…you guessed it…a shoe pic.
Yes I bought those little leopard shoes specifically for my gender announcement.

So here you are guys- My personal faves.

1. Move on Over Fur-babies

2. Because rules


3. Vacate the premises

4. Barftastic

5. Shoe timeline

6. Shoe lineup

7. Shoe dates
8. Get messy

9. Balloons!

10. Dr Seuss

11. A little bit country

12. Gamers
13. Autumn inspo
14. Rude awakening
15. Count cuteness


How did you announce your pregnancy?

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