Laying down is what bliss feels like after being upright for two days.
Yesterday when Lavinia and I finally arrived home in Australia I ate, showered, and climbed into my own bed. My. Own. Bed. After nine weeks away it’s still the comfiest place in the world.
I didn’t want to sleep too long so I had Matt wake me after a few hours. My body completely protested and it took me a full 30 minutes just to open my eyelids and sit up. I needed to wake up so I could at least attempt to sleep through the night.
Adjusting back is strange, I forgot what the door handles felt like or which way to turn the tap for hot water. Lavinia is now taller than the kitchen table.
The haziness of jet lag is hard to explain. Your mind and body won’t cooperate. You should eat but you’re not hungry, you need to poo at 2AM, your nerves are raw and you feel completely alone when everyone else around you seems normal.
Usually I expect a little post vacation depression but this time I feel differently. Spending the Summer in my hometown was good for my soul. I aimed to bring that energy, focus and inspiration into everyday life.
But more than that I feel a sense of confidence. Lavinia and I went halfway across the world and back. We survived it together, my excellent patience-testing, traveling companion.
As I write this at 4:00AM while my daughter and I snack on toast and Chamomile tea I can’t help but notice how comforting it is to have company when you’re wide awake in the middle of the night. Maybe that’s the difference this time.

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