Un-freakin believeable. I woke up this morning before my husband (the chipper morning person) and even before my daughter.
I thought my body was tricking me, that I would need to head back to bed exhausted after a couple hours. But let me tell you, we are well into our Saturday morning and I feel rested…and good!
Saturday mornings I usually sleep in. Normally I drag myself out of bed because I hear Lavinia giggling and I want to be part of the family. Sometimes I’m crabby and it takes me forever to fully wake up. I think Matt and Vin would rather I still be in bed.
I’m amazed that in one week, I was able to bring myself from flat and lethargic to rested and energized.  It wasn’t easy but I’ll tell you exactly how I did it. You can do it too- and you should!
It’s all about what you think you need as an individual. I usually eat well so for me, I had to focus on exercise and clearing my mind.
I made two lists. One list of general things I wanted to incorporate into every day. I did pretty well with these but I think next time I might write them out and stick them someplace where I can see them as reminders (forgot the vitamins a few times.)
Recap: I will do these things:
Healthy, homemade meals
Homeopathy (an appointment I rescheduled due to over-sleeping)
Reduced Social Media Time
Then I chose one major thing to do each day of the week, balancing out both mental and physical exercises.
Recap: Main Goal for Each Day:
Monday- Gym
Tuesday- Therapy
Wednesday- Bikram Yoga
Thursday- Homeopathy appointment (& gym)
Friday- Long Walk with Lavinia
What I Would Add Next Time:
I did this anyway by default but I would add get outside at least once a day, if the weather is crappy- go somewhere indoors for a change of scene. This can really help re-set, even when you might not realize you need re-setting.
I would also plan my meals a little differently. Everything I ate was homemade (except for the dark chocolate I had for dessert at night) which is a good thing. I decided to do this challenge spontaneously- after I had already done the meal planning and shopping for the week- don’t get me wrong I ate healthy but I could have taken it one step further and jammed in all the superfoods I could think of.
Also next time, I think I’ll keep the TV off at night. That way I can have more conversations and quiet time with the hubs. The relationship is an important thing to work on too!
I would definitely recommend having some healthy, high protein snacks that you can grab and go (my quiche was great for this) because I found myself much hungrier than usual with all the activity.
Make yourself a playlist of songs that you can’t help but dance to- even if there are only a few. And listen to music one notch above your mood all week.
Schedule in some rest time. Your body is going to be working hard, and healing so be sure to take some time to chill out, read or just have a quiet cup of tea.


If you want to read in depth about what I did each day here are the links to my daily posts:
So for an idea that came to me while exercising Monday morning, I think this little experiment went really well!  Next time I’ll try and rope more of you on board to do it with me (kind of hard when I don’t give you any notice right?) And you can always give it a go on your own.  Please share with me if you do! I would love to hear about it.
Go on! Do something healthy for yourself.

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