The Hot-Yoga Frizz

I knew Wednesday was going to be Struggle-Town. They call it hump-day for a reason.

Yesterday at about 5:45 tiredness got me for the first time since starting the challenge. I set the bar pretty dang high for this week. Not only with my health and fitness goals, but blogging about it daily plus the usual routine of raising my 18 month old human- you know, that other thing I do.

It got me wondering how my #mindbodyweek would impact her. I worried that I’ve been too focused on myself but those are negative thoughts and I quickly brushed them aside. I refuse to make myself feel guilty about this. If Mommy has more energy than baby and family benefit. Period. The End.

Luckily I stocked up on some new toys last week so I could bust them out when I really needed to distract Lavinia. Stuff needs to get done if I’m going to cleanse my mind and body! Yesterday she got to taste play-doh for the first time as I did some cooking. Yum!

One thing I realized about #mindbodyweek is it takes a lot of energy, focus…and food. So get your food-prep on when you are in the mood. I typically don’t cook meals ahead of time but yesterday I seized some post-nap moments (along with some fresh new play-doh) and prepped Souvlakis, made a quiche, and threw what will be tonight’s dinner in the crockpot (slow cooker sesame ginger chicken) which would bubble away overnight. No wonder I was tired before 6:00PM!

Let me tell you how much I was dreading today. So much. After checking online I acquiesced, class was still happening (as if I were expecting it not to be.)  Lavinia’s day care drop off went without a hitch and there was no traffic. I was not getting out of taking this yoga class for any reason. I can’t let you guys down!

So off I went. Wednesday. Bikram Yoga Day. I have a huge soft spot for the Bikram. I don’t consider myself ‘part of the cult’ but feel this class is a great addition to any type of exercise routine, it just pushes your body in such a different way than traditional exercises or even traditional yoga. Gimme the heat!

The class itself is a moving meditation so it would nicely meld the physical work I did on Monday and the mental work I did on Tuesday.

Still two more days to go. Tomorrow bright and early, a skype session with my Buffalo-based homeopath. I’ve been seeing her on and off since I was 14 years old an I swear by it. I’m supposed to tackle the gym again too.

Friday is going to be something like recess, a long walk to Mums Group, a good vent with the girls then I tackle guided meditation as suggested by my homegirl Rachael Abel.  Dun da dun-dun. I thought I would have time to meditate daily this week….but I’ve found excuse after excuse not to….must mean I need it according to the theory that we resist what we need to focus on most. I will let you know how it goes.

Since it’s mid week I thought I would take a moment to think about how I’m feeling so far.


Signs of Progress

  • This morning I woke up without an alarm (and by alarm I mean toddler) My first thought was not caffeine. What?
  • No headaches or muscle aches so far- even after climbing 2k steps!
  • I forgot my multivitamin yesterday-NBD, took one today.
  • Lavinia and I have been outside for fresh air at least once daily.
  • I feel like getting dressed. To reiterate: I have chosen to remove my sweats and put on clothes. !!!
  • I’m hungrier which tells me my metabolism has kicked on.

What have you done for your health today?

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3 thoughts on “Take Charge of Your Health: Wednesday #mindbodyweek

  1. Yo, it's hard work trying to change AND get yourself out of a funk! It's like constant. But I love that you're telling yourself that if momma's happy and feeling good, everyone will benefit even more. #NoGuilt 🙂

    OH, I'm trying to rest today – that's what I'm doing today. TRYING. Haha. But I don't “start” my #mindbodyweek until next week. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!! Loving this series!

    Posted on April 17, 2015 at 8:13 pm
  2. Keep trying to rest!! It's good to have the batteries charged because following through on that whole week is tough at times. There were plenty of moments where I thought I would not be able to follow through but somehow I managed to, and it feels flippin awesome.

    Posted on April 17, 2015 at 11:41 pm